Playstation Legion Unreal Tournament 3 review - 79%

-Great weapons, Vehicles, modes
-Stunning visuals

-Poor Single Player
-Poor Ai
-No Ranking system online
-Feels like a PC game which shouldn't be on a console


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Bastard 3604657d ago

I know this is the only real exciting reason to buy a 360 this year but saying that it may never reach 360 and to be honest the game is so average, so 360 gets the boot more ways than 1 PS3 has it 6 months before 360, then then get told it may never coem to 360 haha and the game isin't amazing either lol.

resistance1004657d ago

The game is good, one of the better shooters but there are much better options on the market.

Official playstation Magazine Uk gave Unreal a 7/10

ravinash4657d ago

I really do think they shot them selves in the foot (no pun intended) by having the single player game in there.
Most people get this game for the online play, but most of the lost score is because of the single player game...that seems to be where most of the game reviewers seem to loose points.

But it is great to have the single player to at lest give it a try...its just sad that it looses the points because of it.

AngryHippo4657d ago

......your comment makes no sense, try proof reading your comments so even when you are trying to sound like a douche, you dont sound like a retard as well. the jist of it is that it is a bit of a let down for the hardcore unreal fans. As a PS3 owner in the UK this is one title i am looking forward to getting.

ravinash4657d ago

Cute…I’m assuming your referring to me, well I am surviving on 3 hours sleep and doing the early I'm not running on all cylinders right now OK.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

-Poor Ai
-No Ranking system online

The Ai isn't bad, Its freakin crazy man. When I first played this game, the easiest difficulty was hell.

Ranking system? I'm 100% only COD had that, Rainbow six didn't have it and Halo might not have had it either(not sure).

I think MODS should go in the pro section....

Omegasyde4657d ago

-Glitchy Voice chat
-Game actually causes system to crash at points..
-Latency issues.

I actually bought this game and this is one game that Epic will quikly forget and leave its fans. This game was horribly rushed for the PS3.


pschampion4657d ago

i consider that the game was half-baked and rushed to the market, maybe epic should have gave a few more months of work, maybe not, we couldn't have enjoyed it this holiday season... maybe patches will fix the problems of the game just like in the pc version..

KidMakeshift4657d ago

I've had no problems with it. The single player campaign isn't bad, and it's long as hell

natedogg254656d ago

this game has been terrible for me
it has froze my system twice and it lags the entire time

heyheyhey4656d ago

well you have it as your avatar... so im guessing you like the gameplay

natedogg254656d ago

thats true, but i need to change my avatar because I put that on there before release.


first off the online AI is adjustable from average to masterful.and when i host, i set them on skilled,cmon now.dont say thing that you dont know about.this game is the best online shooter around.with all the mods this game is endless.UT3MOD.COM!