New Kameo Marketplace Pack

Microsoft today announced that they will be releasing a new character pack for Kameo: Elements of Power. New characters include 11 created by you the gamers...

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TheMART5855d ago

Now there you go. This is a great game and will continue to be an exciting exclusive franchise on the 360.

And best of all: content that's free and not having to pay for all of it constantly. XBL is fine, just fine!

"The pack will be available to download from 26th September on the Marketplace and will not cost any MS points. "

Thanks MS! Keep up the good work with X06 this week give us the downloads and goodies :)

m235855d ago

they let you create characters and they put it on the game. thats a good idea to keep the game new

Ravenator5295855d ago

Believe it or not, I just finished this game. The reason is because I just purchased my 360 a little over a month ago so many of these older games are still new to me.

I paid $20 for this game and I think its great by itself. The releases on XBL just make it better!

kewlkat0075855d ago

I didn't purchase this game, but I think for $20 I'm going to. I actually liked the demo. Xbox 360 greatest hits lol , You can't go wrong.