GameSpot: Alone in the Dark update and screens

Director Uwe Boll was more than a little unkind to the Alone in the Dark franchise with his 2005 Christian Slater-powered cinematic schlockfest, but Atari is looking to restore this seminal survival horror series' good name in May with a new release, simply titled Alone in the Dark. The game will bring longtime hero Edward Carnby forcibly into the present day. In previous installments, Carnby was kicking it in the roaring 1920s, but now he'll find himself alive in modern New York City, clothed in contemporary garb and fully aware of his past life eight decades earlier. Naturally, one of your goals will be to figure out just how in the heck all this came about.

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tony4666d ago

a AAA tittle in the making. great visuals, and for what i see in last trailer n4g showed earlier , it shows a very engaging game play and great atmosphere.

AngryHippo4665d ago

......this game has AAA written all over it. Return to form for the Alone in the dark series?!it could well be.