Windows XP running on PS3?

Windows XP supposedly running on a PlayStation 3.

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Omegasyde4657d ago

Fake Video. Xp doe not run that Fast on the PS3 unless its a hacked console. Also the video never shows the User using a alternate OS and skips right to Windows XP.

Perhaps the story submitter should try installing starcraft (PC) for linnux using Yellowdog then record that.

*HINT, 1000 degree HINT*

Xeikon4657d ago

Star Craft on the PS3 would indeed be big news.

Correct me if im wrong, but as of yet, Yellow Dog doesnt support the RSX right?

Bebedora4657d ago

No version of linux can support the RSX. Something called the hypervisor (we that is) controls the access and locks out 'OtherOS' to use it. Attempts was made and great progress was made to access the RSX. Last firmware update locked it out again.

So, no. Windows XP will not run on a PS3. Where shall you download drivers for the motherboard, nVidia drivers, audio drivers and directX to it? I just cannot see that happening - Ever.

sa739174656d ago

Nothing to stop you downloading vmware for linux and then installing windows inside that????

Bebedora4656d ago (Edited 4656d ago )

Thanks for the laugh.

Try do vmWare install on a Linux/PS3 and come back to me on how that turned out.

tatical4656d ago (Edited 4656d ago )

Windows XP can only run on Intel processors, the PS3 uses a PowerPC based Cell processor. Linux can run on any type of processor, there are different versions of Linux for different types of processors.

If you try to install a PC version of Linux on the PS3 it won't work because they're incompatible. You'll need a PowerPC or PS3 version for the PS3.

The only way the PS3 can run Windows XP:
1. Install Linux on the PS3
2. Install Virtual PC (or similar program) for Linux
3. Install Windows XP onto Virtual PC

With Linux running Virtual PC, Windows XP will be running in a window itself (but it can go full screen if you want). Virtual PC translates the PowerPC processor into an Intel processor for Windows XP. This "translation" uses up speed from the PS3, so Windows XP may seem sluggish because it has no direct access to the processor.

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BlackCountryBob4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

That is all well and good but the video is 1 year old! How on earth did an old video like that get approved?

EDIT: Woops, my bad, I saw the words one year ago prominently at the top and my mind filled in the blanks.

Don't I look and feel a fool.

jpod4657d ago

also, his comment said it's not available yet. i can say it's possible cuz console hackers can do a lot of wonderful things. just gotta wait if he releases or not, or a confirmation to be fake. i have a little doubt in me too.

QuietStorm4657d ago

I thinks its bull... But if this turns out to be real, I want in. I may have to put up my 360 for good.

Tru_Blu4657d ago

LOL, the laptop I type on now is 2 years old. 2Ghz 512 Ram and A RadionGPU. XP will run for a while before it gets bogged down and quits. Nothing like trying to tell the M$ hindu, "My sh1t got slow so I'm redoing it." You get Click Click, clackity clack on the phone. Hey an Idea M$, use someone who can speak English for once. Oh wait that cost money, all M$ does is leech cash, my bad.

ElfShotTheFood4656d ago

Your post didn't have enough dollar signs in it; please edit it to include more.

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