Watch 1500 Xbox Hard Drives Fall Down Like Dominoes

Kotaku Writes "It would appear that the Xbox modding business was a lucrative one, as the subject of this particular clip-thank you, Danny-seems to have quite the mortgage. There's not much to add to 1,500 original Xbox hard drives falling down in succession, but we certainly don't recommend disposing of yours in a nearby pond. Think of the Fishes!"

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Bonsai12144658d ago

watching that video made me slighly nauseous. poor camera work.. still, a good way to waste a lazy saturday afternoon.

gamesR4fun4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

shoulda sold em all on ebay 20 bucks a pop they might just sell....

edit doh just old xbox hd's not 360 pretty worthless.

mikeslemonade4658d ago

Not news worthy. No one cares about the xbox or gamecube. PS2, PS3, PSP, 360, Wii, DS, and PC only dammit!

f7ss14658d ago

have a sense of humor mikeslemonade, it was pretty funny

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wageslave4658d ago

While it is an interesting project, the reason its cut (edited) that way (IMHO) is because it wasnt one take, but many set-ups and knock downs put together.

Otherwise, someone would *want* to show that it was a single run, doing so by having a "single take".

rofldings4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

Wageslave, why aren't you making your usual rounds of reporting this article and "lame" and such for not being news?

Is it because it has the word "xbox" in the title?

bozobucketeer4658d ago

He didn't report it cuz your bio pic is sexsi.

Tut4658d ago

Or they had multiple camera men bridging the room transitions. =)

WilliamRLBaker4658d ago

I mean its cheap to build or get an drive enclosure for up to 8 hard drives he'd have 1.5 tbs of data!!! or recycle the damn things atleast.

rofldings4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

The cost of powering up that many drives wouldn't be cost effective, not to mention a headache maintaining, it would be cheaper just to buy larger capacity drives and make a raid.

Hopefully, he did recycle those, after he was done playing with them.

Kinda gay that he dropped some in the pond/lake/river/whatever.

WilliamRLBaker4658d ago

An HDD does not take up much power in an PC's power needs and these would just be enclosures it would be easy to build a common server farm hdd enclosure that could house 8 or more hard drives for less power then an current graphics card requires.

rofldings4658d ago

Yes, that'd be fine for 8 drives, but 1,500 would require a lot of space, power, cost of purchasing RAID boxes/electricity/cooling, and would produce a lot of heat.

I can understand doing this if you're going to reach a very large amount of storage, but 1,500 10gb hdds? It's a waste. You can just buy 1.5tb external hd for about $350-400

Lumbo4658d ago

I do see a difference in using 3 modern 500gig drives at 8W each = 24W instead of 1500 old 12W HDDs = 18KW

18KW to power a meager 1.5TB? seems you went over the edge into insanity... Normal houses use less than half of that in TOTAL including cooking and heating.

WilliamRLBaker4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

all drives on the market today and past can be put into a power saving mode for basic throughput actions read and write only, 8 or more hard drives can suck up a lil less power then an current gen graphics card.

how do u think server farms have done it over the years? by having those hard drives running at full power? some server farm servers can contain up to 20 hard drives.

IT would be easy to make a drive enclosure for up to atleast 20 hard drives and us a simple 400 watt powersupply.
thats 200 gigs right there and you could probably build it for about 30 bux neither of you know a thing about computers.

you prove that more then most lumbo by using RETARD logic he could build a enclosure for 30 bux and put together an 200 gig enclosure sell it for 100 bux gaining alot of profit and the enclosure would take less power then most 400 watt powered computers, I never said he was gonna run all the drives him self.

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Hydrollex4658d ago

In this case, Xbox 360 > PS3. I might buy a 360 for playing dominos

BLUR1114658d ago

i like to take all ur lame comments and play dominos with... it be plenty

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