Gameplay Over Graphics: Three Games That Will Remind You Why We Play Games

Now-a-days when we choose a game we take a lot of things into consideration, the story, the game play, and the graphics to name a few. Here are three indie games that serve the gameplay over the graphics

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Laxman2350d ago

What about Story? I can enjoy a game with lacking gameplay mecahnics or quality if it was a really good storyline (Game of Thrones RPG comes to mind, and the reason I can go back and play something like Shenmue or KOTOR without caring about the dated gameplay), but find I really cant enjoy a game even if it has amazing graphics and gameplay, if the story is awful or non-existant (RAGE is the perfect example).

Sometimes we get lucky though, and get a really good mix of all three.

DryPancake2350d ago

Story is one of the most important factors for me when i'm deciding to purchase a game.

It really draws me in and makes me want to do things in it and gives me a reason. With no story it's just a guy running around killing people/completing random tasks (which can still be fun).