IGN's Endless Ocean review - A hypnotic journey under the sea

If you're thinking that Endless Ocean is an underwater action game, it's time to recalibrate your expectations. But don't lower them. Arika has created a very good, albeit different title that centers on the process of exploring the ocean and both seeing and cataloging its inhabitants. There is almost no way to lose (and the aquatic life is all safe, sharks included), but you will have fun all the same simply discovering new things, whether that encapsulates a humpback whale or a long-lost underwater civilization. You will also marvel at the serene locales and beautiful music the game employs. There are enough missions, from becoming a tour guide for other divers to photographing rare fish, to keep you busy for hours, but you might just prefer the pointless exploration to accomplishing set goals. Add in a two-player online mode and there's a lot to like about this scuba-diving simulation, even if some of its basic controls are wonky and its action-oriented scenarios limited.

Overall score: 8/10

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cooke154664d ago

Not a bad score at all! and its cheap! I think ill play this when im stoned lol

R M Spender4664d ago

its a pretty cool game. the characters and story are really not needed but i guess it gives some direction. and cooke i agree its a whole lot better on some smoke....

wiizy4663d ago

just got it. its a nice relaxing game

PS360WII4663d ago

Yea I picked up Advance Wars yesterday and this game was there as well so I picked it up. It's okay just swimming around with all the fishies ^^ Seems kind of fun I'm sure there will be some cool locals to find.

ItsDubC4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

I got Advance Wars yesterday also =) Endless Ocean seems like it'd be a comforting departure from the gritty AW (I only had time to play through the 1st mission tho), and for only $30?! I'm afraid that if I get this game, it'll move me away from my interest in freshwater aquaria and into the more expensive and high-maintenance world of saltwater aquaria lol.

PS360WII4663d ago

lol yea saltwater tanks and fish take a bit longer and more tlc then the fresh water. You get to help write an encyclopedia in the game so you do learn a lot about the creatures down there... you know if you actually take the time to read the info ;)

ItsDubC4663d ago

I actually would take the time to read everything; that type of stuff interests me.

Arika should make a freshwater spinoff, though the name would have to be changed since the term "endless" doesn't really apply to lakes and rivers lol.