Wii hits 5.0 million units in Japan in sixty weeks

"On January 20th, 2007 according to IGN reporting on Famitsu data and our own Vgchartz Japan Weekly Preview data Wii hardware sales passed 5.0 million units in sixty weeks of sales."

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JeepGamer4664d ago

Nintendo claimed they were not trying to compete with the 360 or PS3 and it would appear they were right... For an entirely different reason than they may have expected.

mistertwoturbo4663d ago

The Wii is just like Halo 3. Mass marketing, mass Hype, crazy sales numbers. But with mediocre results with the actual product.

Eretik4663d ago

PS3: Mass marketing, mass Hype, PATHETIC sales numbers.

Wareagle954663d ago

This place is bursting at the seams with 12 year old fanboys.

wiizy4663d ago

wii laughing straight to the bank.. hahaha.. yeah sony and microsoft fanboys can complain all their want but customers knows best..only wii offers something new.. so go cry in your corner

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