Far Cry 2: Debut Engine Footage (HD)

Get your first glimpse of the engine powering Far Cry 2.

Link for SD quality :

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Blademask4658d ago

I think this can be done on consoles..

The Grass is like Turok/Uncharted to where there is a level of detail. Its not far off in the distance.. like in Crysis.

The Bloom.. well.. lol. consoles can handle bloom.

The building hut scene looks like it could be done in Assassins creed.

There is wind in the trees/grass like in Uncharted. But those aren't leaves.. those are the lame ass poly-plant-leaf trees that are all just made of cards.

This stuff look great, BUT... nothing even remotely close to Crysis. I doubt it ever will. The dynamics are a whole new ball park as well..

hazeblaze4658d ago

I have to disagree. Those were the best graphics I've seen so far. I'm not sure that the gfx will be that good in game... but if so, it looks better than Crysis and anything I've seen on consoles. I'd be interested to know if they can get the console versions looking that good!

Kratosnake4657d ago

Dunia will support console too. Far Cry 2 is coming out to the PS3.

By the way, Just for you enthusiasts, Dunia is arabic for "world".

tony4658d ago

i don't know if the game will look like the trailer, but if it does, i think that would be the most realistic graphics i've seen in a game ever. but if it doesn't it wouldn't surprise either.

GIJeff4658d ago

doesn't look THAT good. PS3 can do it(assuming its not coded by monkeys), than again, it is ubisoft....sigh.

PS3n3604658d ago

COD4 and uncharted look as good as that.. This isnt in game I bet so hard to say. I would rather not look at prerendered clips it just leads to dissappointment. This doesnt look at all beyond the scope of current gen consoles.

GLS_19854658d ago

This is one of the best game I ever see, I like Crysis graphics but I think this is more realistic...Totally sure it will run that good on we know no one until now reach the limit of the power of console...even uncharted use just ~20% of ps3 Power...but 20% does not mean that if we build another game using 20% power we will got something like could be better more realistic with same power being used...just it depend on how good developers are...

Waiting for this game, I Like the non liner game...

ar4658d ago

First of all it's 1/3 (33.33333... and so one %), and second of all it's a third of the cells capacity. Sure you can but code handling graphics on the cell as well but since the rsx is built to handle graphics and the cell is a multipurpose cpu the rsx is more effective at handling graphical calculations meaning you have to balance how much of the graphical calculations you put on the cell.

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