New GTA4 previews tomorrow @ 5:30PM (GMT)

Get ready for an another preview, more screenshots, and a possible release date. Tune in around 12:30PM (EST) for the update.

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vloeistof4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

and thats how late here in eu .
holland next to belguim and germany

N4M3L3554662d ago

It should be 5:30. Where in Europe do you live?

TheHater4662d ago

I just hope we don't get another "Gaming website" site crash when this come out.
But I don't really care, because my mind is already made up about this game. I already preorder it, and it a must buy for me.

HeartlesskizZ4662d ago

do they mean gameplay or just info?

Mr_Kuwabara4662d ago

Well if I understood your question correctly, then both. Kikizo, CVG, GameSpot, IGN, 1UP and GamesRadar seem to be going to talk about there latest impressions on the demo since they recently went to R* studio and have played the demo of the game. So tomorrow expect new info about the gameplay and some new screenshots along the way.

Bill Gates4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

I wonder if they're only doing this because of all of the 2 Days to Vegas news lately. Maybe they don't want that game gaining too much momentum....AHAHAHAH

"Just a thought. We all have em'."

HeartlesskizZ4662d ago

yes I think you right Bill

niall774662d ago

gamespot, 1up, ign and others went to get a hands on with the online last friday

Johnny Blaze4662d ago

Guess I can but this should be good...

AzaziL4662d ago

With the way they make it sound, saying this game will be the most important release for both consoles this year, I doubt it'll disappoint. Their impressions from last weeks demo must have been real good, enough for them to at least make that statement.

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