PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Gameplay Demo

Here is the first look at 2 Days 2 Vegas in motion.

Remember once again that the game is still early in production, and this media was taken when the game was at 50% completion.

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HeartlesskizZ4657d ago

I kind of like the driving... looks very nice and smooth for a work in progress... this game is on my list =D

jwatt4657d ago

It's just to many things that remind of what gta already did but it's not finished so lets wait and see. So far I would rather see what the getaway has in stores with gta style gameplay.

sonarus4657d ago

game looks like crap even at 50%. It will get better but not by much. Taking this game off my radar now.

Staircase4657d ago

What do you do....?

Walk around and look at stuff?

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Blademask4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

Looks like ass, and that is why no one is interested in it. The only thing this title had going for itself was the Graphics we all saw earlier. The car shaders are terrible. Its clear that they just loaded up 3dsmax and Vray to spit out the shots earlier of the 'in game' engine. GTA doesn't need smoking graphics because its such an amazing game with great stories.

As everyone else has said, this one definitely looks like a PS2 title. Engine doesn't seem to technical if there is nothing going on in it. Yeah a car driving around a bunch of low poly buildings that you cant go inside of. Where is the crowds of people that were promised?

I dont get why devs do tech demos when they aren't close impressive. They might have wowed some people with elements of the story or how dynamic the game is to play. now thats at least impressive. OLD but kicks the dirt outta this 2days

IGNFTW4657d ago


ygxbrayzie4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

doesnt look jaw dropping like those old pics
but i hope once is done its gonna at least look like those pics

Blademask4657d ago

yeah right?

lol "screenshots"

Blademask4657d ago

You know Mr.Ledger died today?

INehalemEXI4657d ago

This reminds me of brandon lee and the crow kinda. creepy.

mullet4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

Yes of course. Very unfortunate but they finished filming the movie 2-3 weeks ago. I understand that it's not about that though, he was a very talented actor.


@ DuB; Yeah it's sad. Depression / drugs obviously, due to his wife filing for full custody of their kid.

mighty_douche4657d ago

just checked the news (actual news), f**k me...


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INehalemEXI4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

Why they would show a 50% build is beyond me. It shows potential but it also shows it needs alot of work.

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