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sinncross2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )


Guess it was true!

jujubee882300d ago

Yup. There is a SCE press release and everything.

(Man, I would swim buck naked in a pile of 380 mil $1's. Just sayin'!)

nukeitall2300d ago

I'm questioning if it is worth it. Think about it, anyone can pretty much build and employ this technology so why spend $380 million?

It's not like Sony needed Gaikai's customers. The Playstation brand is far stronger than Gaikai.


If I had $380 million, I'd buy an Hawaii Island like Larry Ellison of Oracle, and then spend the rest of my time towards investment charity!

jujubee882300d ago

Hey, that is a pretty sensible way of spending those riches. You get to be on an island where people do not hunt you or bother you, plus you can donate to a charity you want. (I did not rationalize anything out, I just wrote down a gut feeling of what I would do with that money.)

Maybe, it really was not as simple as just spending $380 mil. I think Gaikai have their tech patented (like Onlive), so there must be a reason.

BattleAxe2300d ago

Looks like Sony will now have a presence on PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones. I'm sure all those Apple customers can't wait to be playing Sony exclusive games on their iPads XD

JoySticksFTW2300d ago

I admit it.

Scrooge McDuck came to mind immediately :)

Except he's probably swimming in 380 mil $100 dollar bills.

He wipes his arse with $1's.

miyamoto2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Oh CRAP! Would Samsung Galaxy be the next official PlayStation Mobile Platform Partner!!!!

This is too good to be true!

If Sony lands PS Mobile on Google hardware its Sayonara to the competition.

This is gangstah! Backwards compatibility will be a non issue anymore.

Happy times for gaming up ahead.
Sony is always one step ahead. More free games.

gaffyh2300d ago

This is huge news for PlayStation, and shows that Sony are really thinking ahead. I wondered why all the rumours came out before E3 and then we heard nothing at E3, perhaps something will be announced at GamesCom?

sjaakiejj2300d ago

It was bought in shares valued at $380 million though, so there aren't any actual bills. If Sony were to go bankrupt, Gaikai's owners would earn absolutely nothing on this deal, and they're probably not allowed to leave the company or sell the shares for X number of years.

Diver2300d ago

sorry nukeitall but not anyone can do it. onlive has tried but gaikai has less lag an better image quality. if anyone could do it ever one would. sony been leading ever new format and digital distro is the next one.

LAZL0-Panaflex2300d ago

I called it. Tablets and smart phones. Read my history. Now the question is ps+ equals free access? Or is it free for all psn, guess you can buy the games cheap outright and ps+ is beefed up big time. Imagine the demos and trials zero downloads now, and nomore space taken up on my harddrive. I wish i could see microshafts reaction.

Patriots_Pride2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Lol - Just dont dive into a vault full of gold.

sikbeta2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Massive trolling lol they were denying the whole deal for months already, haha

I hope they can come up with something awesome with the so called "future of gaming"... like... Streaming PS2 games on Vita, :drool: Cloud Based Backward Compatibility :O

Blasphemy2300d ago

@ nukeitall To get rid of competition.

SilentNegotiator2300d ago

It had better pay off. They're in no position to make huge risks without fast, strong rewards.

OhMyGandhi2299d ago

that would be alot of papercuts.

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Persistantthug2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

If Gaikai can deliver PS3 Backwards compatibility to the PS4, then this solves their tech problem with how are Sony gonna deliver B/C with no Cell since they were reportedly using AMD as a CPU/GPU package.

The issue wasn't so much the games on disk....but more importantly, was the games everyone purchased in the PSN store.

Of course, with a Gaikai service...they can now do both.

Awesome :)

Edit in.....
*obvious sar* (never mind)

shoddy2300d ago

Sony and vita is TEH DOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!!!

ChunkyLover532299d ago

This isn't true backwards compatibility though, I thought the same thing pretty much, but Sony will obviously charge people for this "backwards compatibility". So it'll be just like the PS2/PS3, you'll have to pay for the games again.

I'd take hardware or emulated backwards compatibility any day of the week.

GribbleGrunger2300d ago

This is BIG! I've been saying for quite some time now that the PS4 will be Sony's last console. It will cater for the gamer who wants to download from PSN, the gamer that wants a hard copy and the gamer who wants to subscribe (probably with PS+) to new gaming experiences.

What this means for the future is that Sony will only have to upgrade server side and there will be no need for another console, just an improved build of PS4, rather like Sky Boxes do now. BC is assured and every Sony branded product will use the cloud in one way or another. People wonder why Sony aren't worried about the Vita... well here's why

R6ex2300d ago

Sorry, but PS3 will be Sony's last console. With Cloud Gaming, you don't need much processing power at the gamer's end. PS3 will be more than enough to stream any future-gen cloud games.

Gaikai has already hinted that one of the console-makers [Sony] won't be making a new console [PS4]:

ravinash2300d ago

Your forgetting the gaming is a world wide industry.
While places like the US, Japan and Even the UK in some places will be able to handle the traffic from streaming games.
Most places it the world are still very limited if they have any connection at all.

I'm sure Sony will be building on such services in future to stay in the game and offer many services, but there will still be a console for many years to come while it's still cost effectve to continue selling to such markets.

nukeitall2300d ago

I don't see this as a good thing at all. Whatever implementation they are doing, is just another iteration of Gaikai.

Did any of you use Gaikai before the merger? Why would you think you would afterwards?

Fact of the matter is, with excellent internet connection the experience is still subpar. Heck, I avoid remote desktop or remote control software because it is sloooow. That uses far less bandwidth than say an intensive game that requires lag free input.

If you can't even roll out, digital only sale of games on console yet, we are a far way from gaming in the cloud to replace what we have now, let alone in next generation.

I don't even see how BC is going to work without charging you more for each game. How are they going to verify you own the game? Have you mail it in? Disc verification isn't likely possible as that needs to be planned in advance. Will this be another PSP Go trade-in fiasco?

Waste of money Sony! You could have saved it and build the network out yourself. This isn't rocket technology and is fairly easy to do.

Patriots_Pride2300d ago

Sure ignore the millions of customers who live in 3rd world countries where internet is a luxury.

dead_eye2300d ago


Are they really going to be early adopters of a new console? If not then your not really losing out on much. Cheaper old tech would probably make you more money.

Tru_Blu2300d ago

Day it goes all digital is the day I quit gaming. One example is I got AC:Revelations at BB for $19.99 new. On PSN it costs $59.99. When the market is cornered prices are going to go through the roof.

TheRealHeisenberg2300d ago

@ Tru_Blu

I don't think this acquisition is a bad thing. I do agree with your points though. Hopefully there will be enough competition out there to keep things balanced.

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Blacktric2300d ago

One of the best moves Sony ever did. Think of the damn possibilities. Gaikai, even in its current state, is a great service. It's free, it's fast, it's available to many countries as long as you have enough bandwidth. Now imagine being able to literally stream PS3 games like Killzone 3 onto your Vita or like the earlier reports suggested, being able to play PS2 classics like Hitman 2 that cannot be ported to PS3 due to technical difficulties. Whatever Sony is planning, I am sure it is going to be amazing.

adonis1832300d ago

omgg yess ,, cant wait for this. This is fucking awesome i always went to the library at school to use gaikai. I hope sony includes that new router N on the slimmer PS3.

SONY Rulesssss

bobbyluv2300d ago

This also might mean they'll update the ps3's flash player since gaikai was made to run on a browser.

GuyThatPlaysGames2300d ago

This "cloud gaming" is not the future of gaming.

GuyThatPlaysGames2300d ago

The good ole disc is still the future!

Braid2299d ago

In fact it actually seems like the future of gaming, it's just this future I'm talking about is not a close one. Maybe after the next (and possibly the last) physical media oriented consoles, in the following 10-15 years.

LackTrue4K2300d ago

"and they say Sony is broke?!? is that another rumor to???"

demetreHG2300d ago

Nobody knows Sony financial situation then f..ckin Sony ( and they ain't broke ,far from it )

I think this a awesome news plus there isn't going to be any PS4 which even better news =D

agree or don't who cares that is the truth !!!

Eyeco2300d ago

yeah now this furthers the question...

PS4 to have cloud gaming capabilities ?

Jamzluminati2300d ago

Sony proving why they are the best at this whole gaming thing.


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Motorola2300d ago

A rumor that was true??

Pandamobile2300d ago

Not sure how I feel about this.

3GenGames2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Like it's insurance for the company they're buying, but destined for failure when they figure out people will not give up actually being able to own a physical product instead of renting something until they take it away from you.

NJShadow2300d ago

There's still gonna be a pretty large demographic that goes after this form of content delivery.

I personally prefer buying physical copies of games, but I know a lot of folks who already prefer buying and playing games with the touch of a button. While I'm not sure if I'd use it, I think it's gonna be huge. (Actually, who knows, I may very well end up using it...)

nukeitall2300d ago

I think technology increase will outgrow the need for investment into the cloud. We are soon going to hit a ceiling due to 1080p HD being the standard for at least a decade if not two.

That means, after next generation consoles will be cheap so why bother with laggy streaming service. I would rather build the ability to intelligently stream game assets (like textures and sound) so that you can immediately play, but run it off your local cheap hardware.

fr0sty2300d ago

Tell that to every PS+ subscriber... or live subscriber as well since you only "rent" your online play.

badz1492300d ago

that's why STEAM is doomed, right? /s

soljah2300d ago

actually quite the opposite Sony has learned thru the PS plus service that people are ready to pay a fee to have access to games. now think about having PS+ but no dling want lbp2 click on it and start playing

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GodHandDee2300d ago

This is a very forward thinking approach by Sony and it's a good one. Going into the future they will already have a solid background in streaming and will definitely use it their gaming consoles as an option to consumers. And also this means they will get money from other sources such as Samsung that makes use of Gaikai in their TVs.

telekineticmantis2300d ago

on PS3. Just when I was considering going full PC exclusive next gen, they restore my faith in consoles.