GameStop Gets Casual in '08

As hardcore-focused GameStop enters the new year, the mega game retailer looks to expand its efforts with the mainstream consumer.

"...Management indicated that the company is making progress in broadening its consumer base as videogames move into the mainstream, and there is broad consumer demand for Nintendo platforms (Wii and DS)," said Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian in a note following a recent meeting with GameStop top execs.

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Maddens Raiders4664d ago

Isn't that sweet and thoughtful? Now Gamestop, there's only one thing I would like you to do....

BrianC62344664d ago

This isn't a smart move by Gamestop. Their stores are small. Don't waste shelf space on games that just won't sell. Hardcore gamers have got them to this point. Why change now? Didn't they just have a great year in 2007?

HowarthsNJ4663d ago

The newly hired people are basically just casual gamers themselves.

Every time I go in to pre-order a console exclusive game they ask, "what format?".

I finally got fed up with their lack of knowledge and called them on it. They straight out told me that the wii was the only console they were fully familiar with.

socomnick4663d ago

People usually talk crap about gamestop but I like em they helped me out yesterday they helped me find a super rare Street fighter anniversary edition for Xbox. They went out of their way to get me the game they called lots of local gamestops and eb games still they found one that had it about 5 miles away.

ban fans4663d ago

they expand their stores and make them quite a bit larger. If they make a section dedicated to the snotty nosed kid who has to go through every Pokemon game with his mom and tell her the diference between each of the stupid cartoon ballon animals, that is awesome! I can't stand looking at the coming soon list while some kid is yelling at his mom to push me out of the way so he can find out if "Pokemon Triple Diamond Gold: The Ultimate Coallector's Edition Part 6" is coming out. Give them their own wall or two and spread it all out a little.

But, alas, it won't happen. They will pack us hardcore gamers in like rats in the corners of the store.