Goldeneye XBLA vs Goldeneye N64

A video comparison supposedly showing the N64 and the rumored Xbox LIVE Arcade versions.

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Ignorant Fanboy4658d ago

I want to know:

Can I play this on my Wii with the original N64 controller?

Are those plugs just for gamecube?

Is it on the Nintendo network?

If not, 360 version will do, ahh achievements.

Adamalicious4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )



No. Probably never will be.

XBL version was canned. Sorry. No Achievements.

Kleptic4657d ago

MS bought Rare (but didn't hang on to most of the employees, who left to form Free Radical...most of the guys behind goldeneye and the original perfect dark, are making Haze)...and all of the IPs...Nintendo would have to buy Goldeneye back from MS in order to put anything related to it on the virtual console...

could anyone tell a difference?...I thought it was supposed to have updated everything?...maybe it was just the video, but it looked the same on both from what I could tell...great game though...

Sez 4658d ago

damn. a tear just came across my eye.memories damn i miss this game.
i hope they release it. i don't care if it's on the wii or the 360.

godoftime4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

come to ps3 !! lol..

-Edit: for your information a$$wipe, i said "to ps3" NOT "to MY ps3"
and also, i know rare is part of microsoft now, jeez i was just stating id like to see it be released on ps3 is all..

power of Green 4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

Its like Sony has programed you people to say that.

*Coming to PS3


*I'll enjoy this on my PS3

*Hope it comes to my PS3

*I'm getting this for my PS3

* PS3 for me

Just messing with you its strange because no other console fan really announces their platform when wanting a game.

Rare is owned by MSFT the fight's between Nintendo and Rare, sorry.

mighty_douche4658d ago

once again you scream fanboy this and that, maybe he just wants to play the f**king game, you ever think about that??

NEO_X4658d ago

Although in this situation he is far from being the douche...
Bubbles for mighty for being the logical one

power of Green 4658d ago

Did you say something?, Always leading your rabid Pack dogs trying to sniff my asshole. Come in here to confront 360fans are we?.

How in the hell do you call somebody out when they were kidding around with an ignorant member. Stop stalking me loser.

heyheyhey4657d ago

POG why the fcuk are you so defensive? everytime someone mentions the PS3 you go into a spasm and start protecting the 360 like its your f**cking child or something..... you need to relax man

and the guy just said he wanted it to come to the PSN, like me.... why are you so f**cking negative and rude?

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mighty_douche4658d ago

whats with all the Golden Eye craving?

Some times me and a few mates dig it out for old times sake, 10 minutes later its back in the cupboard where it should be.

Omegasyde4658d ago

This game practically pioneered split screen gaming. This was great game when the only multiplayer option was having more than 1 controller. This game also is what really made Rare hit the top (besides Killer instinct)

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The story is too old to be commented.