No More Gears of War DLC?

After a total of six multiplayer maps, one new game mode, and 250 achievement points, it appears Gears of War downloadable content is being put to rest. Developer Epic is moving on to other projects. Representatives from Microsoft and Epic told IGN, "We don't have anything planned for [Gears of War] right now in terms of DLC."

Though both companies left open the possibility that new Gears of War content could be released in the future, new DLC seems doubtful. Perhaps Epic is clearing its workstations for another important product? Maybe a sequel of some kind?

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wageslave4664d ago

Yeah, they've been good to keep the game fresh, but the fanbase is certainly primed for GeoW 2.

SCThor4664d ago

.with infinite FREE download content but....wait, is only available on PS3! Sorry...

godoftime4664d ago

to come to the ps3 so i can play it

AngryHippo4664d ago

.....doubt that dude. Maybe playing it on pc is your best bet if you have a decent comp.

masterg4664d ago

Yeah me too.
Gears of War and eventually Gears of War 2 is the only reason I ever turn my 360 on. But we are going to have to wait to Gears of War 3 before it goes multi platform.

ElfShotTheFood4664d ago

As long as Microsoft is the publisher of the game(s), I don't see that happening. ;)

Iron Man 24664d ago

If it makes you feel any better,part 3 and on is GUARANTEED to be on the PS3 also

BTW is anybody still playing this game?COD4 FTW!;)

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SacT0wnF1n3st4664d ago

Gears is overall a great game. One of the best looking game for the 360. I'm sure will be in line for Gears 2.

OC_MurphysLaw4664d ago

Gears of War 2...announcement at GDC. Now its a lock based on their comments. Why wouldnt they continue to do DLC unless they have the team working full boar on Gears2?

enough said...Gears of War 2, holiday 2008...count on it.

gnothe14664d ago

to the guy that thinks GOW3 will be multiplat dont hold your breath. GOW is MS next Halo. they may not own the company but im pretty sure they own in some shape or form the rights to the Gears universe. you guys must remember, MS didnt become one of the richest companies in the WORLD by making bad business moves. they published GOW an spent the cash to make it, these NO way sony is getting its hands on this series!!

DrPirate4664d ago

They have publishing contracts for the first 2 games.

However, in Microsoft's defense, it is still possible for them to buy the rights to publish the third game as well.

SCThor4664d ago

to let MS buy GeOW publishing rights for life when they could make tons of sequels and earn lots of money ala EA's COD franchise on PS3 and X360 at the same time. Expect GeOW going multi by GeOW3

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