Mainstream Media Still Doesn't Understand Video Games (Surprise, Surprise)

1/22/08 - Clayton Ashley of writes:

"There has been quite a bit of flak going around from the main stream media about video games the past few weeks. I didn't really want to give each one of them another soap box, but I suppose I'll summarize all their ignorance right here: Mass Effect is interactive porn, video games are like crack for kids, and Bully just won't stop destroying our children."

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mistertwoturbo4664d ago

Excellent article. So the media is pointing fingers at the kids at home who plays video games, but grow up, go to college, and have high paying jobs who can afford a PS3, 360, HDTV. But totally disregards the unfortunate "bad seeds of society" who grew up with no video games, no love, no family, who in a desperate situation go out and robb people and steal cars.

Yeah media. You guys are ignorant.

RecSpec4664d ago

Films were criticized when they first came out.
So was television.
So was rock and roll. (For god's sake, don't film below Elvis' waist!)
It's just video gaming's turn, eventually this will all be forgotten.

tony4664d ago

critic in the media.

xplosneer4664d ago

More like everyone is a critic period.

LanRanger4664d ago

"everyone is a critic in the media."

Spoken like a true critic. ;)

wiizy4664d ago

what a clown.. why doesnt mainstream media understand games... people enjoy what they like... its like sony and microsoft fanboys thinking everyone just like shooters