MEGATONik Presents: The best arcade games of all time

This week, the editors and MEGATONik brings you the return of one of their most beloved features, MEGATONik Presents. In this installment, a few of MEGATONik's most worthy writers pitched in with their opinion of some of the best arcade games ever made. These aren't the types of games that you'd occasionally toss a quarter or so into every couple of weeks and try to beat the game on one life - oh, no. These are the arcade games that you poured quarters into; they're the types of games that kept that radiator on your car unfixed, and perhaps cost you a girlfriend or two.

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hotzizzy4664d ago

Great list, brings back memories. The ones that haven't already and don't need an elaborate set up really need to be added to Xbox Live.

Guwapo774664d ago

I had to click the link to see if Street Fighter 2 was on there... Glad it is because if it wasn't this list would had been lies~~~~! LoL

...Crazy Taxi as one of them? Hmm... I would had picked X-Men or Virtual Fighter.

KidMakeshift4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

That was a lame list, although America never really had that many good arcades games.

I love all the old arcade brawlers: Final Fight, The Simpsons, X-Men, Captain America and The Avengers, Spider-Man (The Avengers),

Fighters: Marvel vs Capcom 2, Hakuto no Ken, Soul Calibur 2,

Misc: Space Ace, Dragon's Lair, Time Gal, Taiko Drum Master, Guitar Freaks, Time Crises 3, House of The Dead 4, Sunset Riders, all the neo-geo mult-game units