Ninja Gaiden 2 will not be multiplatform

Geekpulp has posted "EGM have for some bizarre reason published their latest magazine with a rumour or typo that Ninja Gaiden 2 will be on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. This would be a small victory for the PS3 if it were true but it is not. Ninja Gaiden 2 is being published by Microsoft Games Studios, this means that they will decide what happens. The last time I checked Microsoft do not want their competition to have access to their anticipated exclusives. So if the PS3 were to see another Ninja Gaiden game it would be in the vein of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, a long time after the original release. Sorry PS3Fanboys, it's not going to happen. As a symbolic and graphic representation let this picture demonstrate the status of this rumour. The semi official word from Microsoft is past the break."

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power of Green 4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

LOL at the typo its only been 3 months sence the latest info was released for the title. Never going to the PS3, ta daaa no PS3 version ever.


Turdmit5 Wouldn't know any better nor do I care never played GOW. Who fucin cares have you ever seen me in GOW threads?. LOWL

games4fun4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

it would make more money multiplatform its so coming ps3 is the best!!!pwnsors

see how annoying this article and reply is maybe next time you guys will stfu when you talk about mgs4 or any game for that matter you guys are getting off light NG2 isnt even a blockbuster like mgs4 too bad there was no good exclusive to do this to but you guys dont have any so... i had to hear crap about that for all 2007 now maybe if your quiet it will stop(more than likely not considering how annoying you guys were last year)

Iron Man 24662d ago

POSG,no one cares,God Of War III will DEMOLISH your precious Ninja Gaiden II

Alpha_Gamer4662d ago

GOW destroy NG2?
Ninja Gaiden was way better than Gow 1 and 2. I dunno why you think its going to be any different this time around.

mintaro4662d ago

there is absolutley no way you can even compare the 2 games to one another, they are entirey different, and also the difference between when the 2 come out is pretty big.
and im absoltuley sure that when God Of War 3 comes out no one, and i mean NO ONE is even gonna be thinking about Ninja Gaiden

Kain814662d ago

are you ever played GOD OF WAR, I would say no, cause what you say is BS.
The Story, The Gameplay, The Graphics are awesome in GOD OF WAR.
I would never compare it to NG, cause GOD OF WAR Plays on a Other League

Alpha_Gamer4662d ago

Uhhh, yes I have played god of war. It was amazing. Great story too. In my opinion NG is in a whole other league than GOW. I played through GOW in full. Unfortunately, it did not deliver (gameplay wise) when compared to ninja gaiden. There is only one game in my mind that can rival NG combat and that is soul caliber.
Actually, Your coment makes me wonder if you have played ninja gaiden at all.

dachiefsman4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Serious man if you haven't played God Of War I or II. I seriously suggest picking up a really cheap PS2 to play them.....Two of the best games of all time...this is coming from a guy who leans towards MS gaming products...

@ the Rest of the Above

Why argue about which one is better.....Can't you leave it at they are both good ffing games? Is that so hard to say?

Say it with me <I mean repeat>: They are both great games!!

Good was that so hard?

mikeslemonade4662d ago

This game is overated is not needed on PS3. We have to give the xbots something to play with, right? Let's not be so mean.

Omegasyde4662d ago

Sony's counter move: Shinobi by Sega punblished by SCEJ.
Nintendo's counter move: Luigi's Mansion 2.

Bubble Buddy4662d ago

Ninja Gaiden is Great but in no way it is better than the God of War series

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PS360WII4662d ago

Well it's one thing for this guy to say it's another till EGM says 'It was a typo'

My money is typo but we haven't heard anything from EGM yet

Cwalat4662d ago

its typo, because u have to be retard not to see that its MS exclusive...

KillaManiac4662d ago

NG was also a "Exclusive" and look where it ended up....

I will guarantee this is typo, but I could see this game coming out PS3 in 2 years possibly.

PS3 also already has the Engine NG2 is running on...on the PS3 in perfectly working form (so would be a *snap* for them to port)

ravinash4662d ago

I would have to agree with the idea that it might appear on PS3 in 2 years. It'll probably do the rounds on 360 and do well in the states, but out side the states, they're going to wait and see how the sales for the PS3 go before porting it over.
Not sure how this game would be received in japan?

Kain814662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

It s only a Rumor for now

Time Changes, Sony is on Rise and NGS has sold over 500k on PS3 (at this Period there where only 3Mio. unit Worldwide) so tecmo will think abot it. Who knows what will happen?

power of Green 4662d ago

So is the theories attached to the Typo...

Hell theres even been typo's of MGS4 comming to the 360.

I just don't understand why you people think theres some chance its comming to PS3 did you even watch MSFT's TGS 2007 show?.

games4fun4662d ago

said the same thing about mgs4 tgs and you guys still acted annoying cant swallow your own medicine?

ALItheWISE4662d ago

Just had to comment on your avatar...... cant wait to see that new batman.... Man oh man i wish this rumor was real...

mullet4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

I'm still in shock.
Lets just hope they actually got to finish the movie.

vloeistof4662d ago

no there done with filming already.

Kain814662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

I reading it on gt now. They say that the Film is Finished, but its sad

Omegasyde4662d ago

Even though he did brokeback mountain, I still thought of him as a knight. I still can't believe hes dead.

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mintaro4662d ago

if it does go to the PS3, my money is that it'll arrive later, sort of like lost planet