Canadian Hardware NPD for 2007 (December included)

Nintendo ds 697,000
Wii 567,000
Xbox 360 385,000
PS2 324,000
PSP 253,000
PS3 265,000


In Decemeber

PS3 sold around 111,000 units

xbox 360 sold around 119, 000 units

so PS3 and xbox 360 sales were neck and neck in Canada in December, 2007

Both xbox 360 and ps3 outsold wii in December ,2007 (canada).

It is because of shortages.

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zambrota4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )


Wii 6,290,000 567,000 6,857,000 7,200,000

Xbox 360 4,620,000 385,000 5,105,000 5,250,000 (overtracked by 150k)

PS2 3,970,000 324,000 4,294,000 4,070,000 (undertracked)

PSP 3,820,000 253,000 4,073,000 3,970,000 (undertracked)

PS3 2,560,000 265,000 2,825,000 2,727,000 (undertracked by 100k)

***thx to user Thibje

so Vgchartz need to -

downgrade their xbox 360 sales in North America by 150k

downgrade wii sales by 300k

upgrade ps3 sales by 100k


Both xbox 360 and ps3 outsold wii in December ,2007 (canada).

It is because of shortages.

In Decemeber

PS3 sold around 111,000 units

xbox 360 sold around 119, 000 units

so PS3 and xbox 360 sales were neck and neck in Canada in December, 2007


are u blind or something

dont you see the Vg and NPD comparison?

mintaro4662d ago

how can you tell the ps3 was undertracked, and the 360/wii were overtracked

BLaZiN PRopHeT4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

are you like Tanod,Shmee, or whatever other names that person used

Edit: zambrota

Edit: @1.4 no your typing style is like theres just toned down a lot. im not talking about the good news for the ps3 because its good news for all consoles except the wii since it was supple constrained.

How am i trolling? what did i say about the article that made me into a troll? i just asked you if you were that person which it seems you are.

Edit again: i dont care about the sales number i just asked if you created another account thats all.

like ive told you before if my account is fake or i have more than one then report me to the mods. because i know this is my only account i have no need to create more than one.

mintaro4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

me? or zambrota

zambrota4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

yea anyone posting a good ps3 news is either nasim or tanod

This Blazin F** trolls the forum for no reason

The ps3 is over 100k behind in TOTAL sales.

in december and noevemeber it was neck and neck with xbx 360

ps3 51,000
x360 59,000

ps3 111,000
x360 119,000

@genuine you are what just another account of Blazing Prophet?

You were easy to spot too

just like the fake accounts of Bloodmask

He is using 2 with the same name at the same time

@snukadaman did you even click on the 2 links above?

Genuine4662d ago

Tanod/schmee/zambrota still hasn't figured how he is so easy to spot. lol

Snukadaman4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

anyone can clearly see that he cant change up his writing style.....friggan moron when he accuses someone else of having another account..

here is is as shmee even accusing me of being bloodmask...with the same style typing...what a moron.
why is that?

ps3 launched in eu with a 600 euro price tage (around 900$)

The price of ps3 was slashed to 400EURO at the end of OCTOBER

with effectively 6 months in circulation + just 2 months during Xmas at 400EURO ps3 has already sold 5 m units in EU

so expect that to double especially with the release of gt5,gta 4 ,ff13 and mgs4-- 3 most anticipated games in Europe

so 16m consoles with such a lineup in 2008 is very much possible

However ff13 can sell millions of consoles in Japan as well as Eu and Na. ff is a huge system mover

i bought my ps2 for ff10 and ps33 for ff13.

my 5 cousins did the same . We all bought consoles for A SINGLE GAME


log on to N4G with ur other account named bloodmask/roundpeg.

u Xtard---all ps3 owners are SAME to you. typical xbot mentality

he even says the same thing as zambrota...

InYourMom4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

going in the first post. touche on your quickness!

Who was it saying that the 360 is only popular in the US?

Canadian's know wassup!

@1.6 - Nice detective work! Someone just got busted! Don't think he is the only one. Why do you think anything positive 360 has 20+ disagrees on it all the time. Droids are masters of multiple account manipulation. If they aren't creating accounts to further their cause they are making accounts of other 360 supporters to mock then(InYourMum?).

mikeslemonade4662d ago

The reason for the undertracking is they wanted to give the 360 a handicap. Seriously this generation would be too easy for the PS3 to beat the 360 if it weren't for these legitimate undertrackings to create more competition.

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harpua4662d ago

...of hardware failures.

zambrota4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

PS3 sold around 111,000 units

xbox 360 sold around 119, 000 units

neck and neck in Canada


Sez 4662d ago

nah. sony owns that title. ps2's and laptop batteries. while ms has the 360.

InYourMom4662d ago

Nice ownage..

He thought he was being funny but then got b!tch slapped..

Even funnier ^^ That's what I had with my first 40gig PS3. YLOD

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games4fun4662d ago

cares about worldwide sales ignores drops in bucket

4662d ago
ParaDise_LosT4662d ago

say it over and over again.....

TheMART4662d ago

zambrota reported as spam

same thing over and over again. Sounds like a broken record. And boring.

Huddymonster4662d ago

They finished filming on the dark knight

Huddymonster4662d ago

They finished filming on the dark knight

zambrota4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )


did u see the December sales

In Decemeber

PS3 111,000 units
so so close
xbox 119, 000 units

Now whos laughing?


je pense que tu es un person VRAIMENT malade. je reste en France et je ne suis pas nasim/tanod ou les nom de person/nnes qui tu la dit.

est ce que tout les americaine malade comme toi?

gamesR4fun4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

oui cest vrais on a beaucoup de malade ici sur ng4
mes tu ne devrais pas les prendre aux serieux..
ps excuse moi pour le pauvre grammaire mes je ne veux pas les donner la chance de me comprendre avec un logicien translative ;)

tu voi si jecrit bien illson seulment a metre mes mot dans babblefish mes ci jecrit come ca ill ne comprand rien ;)
ce que je te conseille est de ne pu repondre ill ne peu pas voire le raison et ton francais et clairement pas faux... eu tout cas bonne chance et arrete pas de metre vos opinion ici cest sallo ne le vaux pas.

Snukadaman4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

quel this de débile... est le tanod d'Internet... vous pouvez traduire l'anglais trop french..why pas vous arrêt spamming et changer vers le haut de votre douchebag de modèle de dactylographie.

see..everyone can learn french on the internet

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