GameDaily Reviews Burnout: Paradise

There's trouble in Paradise, but you'll love most of it.

Burnout Paradise takes a different path than previous games in Criterion's racing series. Rather than simply hopping behind the wheel of a classy car and driving through a series of pre-loaded racing events, you must navigate through a living, breathing city to find your challenges. Paradise City divides into eight separate quadrants, all interconnected through streets, shortcuts and overpasses. You'll cover this terrain repeatedly, going from one part of the city to the other as you participate in numerous events.

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xg-ei8ht4658d ago

You want multiplayer? Burnout has it – online and in the form of head to head. The game also uses the PS3 Eye to not only put a real face on your driver’s license to but capture you reaction to either victory or defeat and send that image to your opponent. Your opponent’s image (if he or she is using an Eye) will also be available to you.