Video Game Chronology | Spider-Man - The History of Spiderman Games (A List)

With Spider-Man swinging back into theaters this summer, it’s a good time to look into his video game history and see the ups and downs of the web slinger’s offerings to the world of digital entertainment. Few superheroes have had as many video games made for them as Spider-Man has so it’s a decent sized list but that won’t stop us from digging into it. As we did with The Avengers, we will focus on the Spider-Man centric games which means we will skip the various fighting, pinball and mash-up entries like Ultimate Alliance. Spider-Man is the star of the games on this list so if you’re ready, strap on your embarrassingly tight jumpsuit and let’s swing into action!

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Ajoyshop2327d ago

Brings back fond memories. Oh how I miss you Sega Genesis. :)

Orangeandwhite2327d ago

The only meemory i have of the genesis is sonic the hedgehog. haha

guitarse2327d ago

Wow what a list! I didn't realise there were so many, although I have played damn near all of them lol.

manlypile2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

You're right, there are sooo many Spider-Man games. He must be easy to develop games for.

deno2327d ago

Have this one for my snes.

TheDivine2327d ago

Had the Spideman/Xmen game (really good), Maximum Carnage (the best imo), and Separation Anxiety. Those are the 3 best Spiderman games ever made, MC and SA had a great comic book feel to them. Ive wondered why they havent remade them or had a xbla sequel instead of these generic crap movie tie-ins.

Also im pissed as hell that i never got spiderman 4. The whole series i was waiting for them to get to Carnage and right after venom they reboot the series. Im also waiting for Xmen to finally have Apocalypse, my favorite character for sure. Hollywood has no frickin clue.

manlypile2327d ago

I agree. Spider-Man 3 wasn't the greatest but I liked Sam Raimi's vision for the franchise. Seeing his version of Carnage would have been fantastic!

godzilla722327d ago

You forgot one of the better spiderman games. Spiderman for the dreamcast!!! Maximum Carnage Snes was a great one, what memories!

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fastNslowww2327d ago ShowReplies(1)
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