The PS2 Lives: The Greatest Generation Looks Forward to its Golden Years

1UP writes: "Postpone the decorative-coffin-pillow shopping and drop out of your creative-epitaph writing classes; the old PS2 ain't dead. Despite the prognoses of many well-meaning analysts, the little console that helped you ring in the new millennium seven years ago may just make it through 2008. The sharp increase in both gas prices and the speed at which our female pop superstars age may tell us that we're living in a far different world than the year 2000, but one fact remains: Like all good things worth bingeing on, the PS2 is cheap and plentiful.

While the PS2 does lack the "oomph" of the new generation of consoles, when looking at the system's future release list, there's something to be said about the active life of seniors. The groundbreaking, blockbuster games of tomorrow, with their accompanying Internet arguments already going strong, obviously won't grace the meager PS2. However, the past few months have seen a few modestly awesome titles hit the little black box, and the next couple of months will see a few more. So don't go overboard and carve your old PS2 into a crudely fashioned Wii stand or take it out to the shooting range to see what its insides look like; the old boy could make it to next Christmas".

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Iron Man 24662d ago

PS2=Best videogame console EVER!;)

kevoncox4662d ago

You don't know ish...
Snes = greatest

99% reliable hardware
Best Rpgs
Best First part games
Best Adventure games
Best Fighters
Best Beat em ups
Best Puzzle Games

Ps2 isn't even in the NEs leaugue as far as Dominance.

INehalemEXI4662d ago

Until PS3 60gb came out it was Best ever.

kevoncox4662d ago

thanks for the laughs....

mikeslemonade4662d ago

PS2 is the reason why gaming is appealing to the masses. SNES never got past the "it is a kids toy" because it only sold 40 million which the PS2 outsold that 3x. Now the DS is no longer a kids toy because it also has past that threshold.

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ruibing4662d ago

Even though I have a PS3, I might just get a silver PS2 in case it should ever fail a decade down the road and I need to play my PS2 games.

lonestarmt4662d ago

damn I was hoping persona 4 would be on the PS3. OH well. Lets hope Persona 3 FES comes over

Tarmgar4662d ago

I have a PS2 phat from launch that still works fine. I love this reliable piece of machinery.

dronde4662d ago

same here, Actually my little brother has it now. My niece dropped it last week and the cd tray wasn't working. I open the sucker and fix it. Now it is better than before.

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The story is too old to be commented.