The 'Xbox Could Destroy The World' Theory

Stephen Totilo from writes:

"Scientist worries that video games destroy motivation; in other words, will Nintendo's 'Endless Ocean' replace actual scuba diving?"

"Could an obsession with games and other fitness-faking technologies rob the human race of its motivation to explore real new worlds? Or even, more modestly, its zeal to stay fit? What kind of world do we live in?"

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Mr_Kuwabara4660d ago

Although it's true that Nintendo with there Wii Fit and other "innovative" games have been showing up recently, I really don't think that video games would do such a huge impact in someones lives... but when you see Wii Fit selling millions, it makes you wonder, WTF is wrong with people buying that crap instead of going to a gym?!

Keyser4660d ago

people are always so ready to substitue working out and eating right with diet pills, ridiculous weight loss programs, and now Wii fit. WTF?!?!?

Make time, go to the gym, quit eating 2 double Whoppers at a time, and most importantly, quit looking for the easy way out. So many things are worth the hard work, the dedication, the time, the effort, and the will.

Why does every thing have to be easy, like designing 360 games. LOL!!! I'm kidding, I through that in there horsing around. Seriously though, especially in the States, if it isn't easy we don't want to do it and will have no part of it. Heck, we don't even want to raise our kids. We have to get out of the mentality that it's somebody elses responsibility or if it IS mine, it shoud be easy.

Oh yeah and go effing workout.

RecSpec4660d ago

Some people are shy, don't wanna work out at a gym. It's better for them to work out at home. But the Wii isn't the answer.

Keyser has it right, people want some miracle weight loss solution, and they are looking at the Wii.

Boldy4660d ago

Not a chance. When the phone was invented, people were up in arms that the invention of the phone would cause people to never have face to face contact again, and now it just sounds ridiculous. Same deal with this.

captainpwn4660d ago

Microsoft's entertainment division.

mintaro4660d ago

oh no!! everyone get your children into there bomb shelters! make sure there fire proof!
it has begun.....

360CameFromHell4660d ago

In the future people will trade real life for virtual life.
The world is going crazy out there and home/virtual fun will be more and more mainstream, the matrix is coming...

Chug4660d ago

The internet will take over the world before video games will...

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The story is too old to be commented.