Aussie Wii shortages possible

Nintendo Australia has refused to disclose how many Wiis they will be bringing into the country for its December Australian launch, and has not ruled out the possibility of shortages come launch date.

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the_bebop5850d ago

"Australian gamers most recently had to suffer through a next-generation console shortage earlier this year when the Xbox 360 launched in March."
Possible shortage of supplies for the Australian release of the Wii is not a big supprise infact I wouldn't be supprised of it being delayed here in Australia, although this will be highly unlikely with Nintendo.

"Within days of the official launch on March 23, 60GB Xbox 360 bundles had all but sold out across the country."
Because everyone actually wanted the core Unit.

"And for those still holding out hope that the Wii will be region-free console, Bhopti has some bad news. "You won't be able to play overseas games on an Australian unit," he said."
It sucks though that we wont be able to get games from any where and play it on the console although for me all I really need to get the console chiped or use a swap disk, since my tv can handel NTSC games.

"Nintendo announced last week that the Wii would hit Australian shores on December 7 for AU$399.95. Bhopti said final pricing for games, accessories and virtual console titles was still being finalised for Australia, although they would be "relative to overseas pricing". In the US, first party Wii titles will retail for US$50 (AU$66.50)."
It seems the only thing good so far is relly going to be the price.

happygamer5849d ago

nintendos trying to get the wii everyweres thats a great thing. but i just dont see why europe and other places always gets their brain hit with a hammer. its not right.