97% Of Blu Ray Sales Due To PS3

David Richards from Smart House writes:

"The Blu ray Sony PS3 and the HD DVD Xbox 360 attachment has done more to grow the high definition DVD market than any other devices claims a leading research Company. Alone the PS3 is accounting for 97% of all Blu ray device sales."

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HarryEtTubMan4664d ago

Yea baby! I have 5 discs!(for now)

decapitator4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

The inclusion of the BD drive is one of the best decisions Sony has made this Generation with the PS3. Although, it came with it share of dilemmas as the whole media turned against them.

Now, they will start reaping in the profits. With their game division gaining it's mojo back with the PS3 slowly, is only a matter of time before they officially bounce back. ( Yeah I know, they never left, but you gotta admit they been through a lot though)

ruibing4664d ago

Though I have spent over a few hundred dollars on games since I've bought a PS3, I've also bought half a dozen movies besides the five free ones. As for ones that are still only on HD-DVD, divx and h264 videos on an external hard drive solves that problem.


all i know is ever since thanksgiving, alot of my friends have gotten a ps3. i know alot of people that had the 360, sold it or passed it down and got a ps3. Its really not that hard of a decision either, especially if you own a 1080p display and some kicking speakers.

For right now EVERYONE seems to not mind the 400 dollar price. As bluray profits SOAR i expect sony to drop the price to 300.......Totally FVcking taking over this year.

Mr_Kuwabara4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Just comes to show that Sony really did make a great decision on adding a BD player on the PS3 because if not this "war" would've been a lot easier for Toshiba and Microsoft.

cmrbe4664d ago

no question about it. The PS3 install base and exclusive content will eventually win Sony and Co the format war. If it wasn't for the PS3 it would have gone the other way because HD-DVD is cheaper. I hope people can now stop saying that the PS3 crowd don't use the PS3 for blu ray AS WELL as for games.

niall774664d ago

if blu rays wasnt packed into the ps3 that format "war" with HD DVD would have gone on for years.

xboxme4664d ago

if bluray wasn't pack in the ps3, the war would have been over. hddvd would have won.

Spike474664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

THIS only shows Sony may be ignorant just like all money making companies but they're not stupid.

actually they're one of the smartest companies out there.



and hopefully the games will deliver.

Sony made a pretty good strategy coming in the console market.

Actually no, blu ray had hdvd by the balls without the ps3, have u seen their ratios?

It's like BD was almost destined to take over with the sales I've seen.

captainpwn4664d ago

Now, all XBOTS will have to convert to Bluray even though they said that HD DVD was going to win. You see bots, it's not only the world's best game machine, with an always on, always free online service, but its a multimedia hub. It's not just a game machine, it's so much more. It beats the Xflop everywhere. Games are looking better on PS3 than 360, there is nothing on 360 that can match Uncharted, and 360's multimedia options are a joke compared to PS3.

And, expect PS3's dominance as the world's best game machine and the world's best media player to rise even further this year thanks to a vast array of AAA exclusives like MGS4, Killzone 2, Tekken 6, Resistance 2, and oh so many more. As well, firmware updates will continuously enhance the system further b3yond anything Xbug can do.

LastDance4664d ago

Hmmmm i duno captain own. My version of assassins creed has enough screen tear to drive you up the wall. Apparently theres none on xbox version.

and all that EA crap.

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