Rumored PLAYSTATION Store New Content (US) for 1/24/08

New PSN Content. From the same source that brought you the predictions last week (the N4G story reached 1050°), here are the constantly updated list of rumors - several confirmed - for the new PSN content delivered weekly. All rumors have cited sources and media related to the game.

This week:
- The Club [demo]
- Guitar Hero III DLC
- PixelJunk Monsters [game & demo]
- PSone Classics
- Rock Band DLC
- Strangehold DLC

Note: Again, I know this is a forum post, but it's a collection from many different sources. The information is timely and updated immediately.


Update: DMC4 [demo] added to the list after Capcom announcement!

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StalkingSilence5733d ago (Edited 5733d ago )

#1. This is not a duplicate post. The end source has been completely updated and is dynamic. The source now shows rumored content for this week. Yes, last week's post now points to the updated area for this week.

#2. The Club demo has not been out for weeks now. It will be available on the US PLAYSTATION Store for the first time this week. It was released to EU/UK about 3 weeks ago and PS3 users that have created overseas accounts may have been able to access it. But it is indeed a new release in US.

Counter_ACT5733d ago

Uhm, they predicted DMC4 demo last week and were wrong. Why should we trust their predictions? D:

d3l33t5733d ago

because, th1s is teh int3rn3tzzz!!!111

Kyur4ThePain5733d ago

I'll give you a bubble for that - made me chuckle.

El_Colombiano5733d ago

Haha that was great man, agree and bubbles...

StalkingSilence5733d ago

the "they" you refer to is just one person. it is me. i predicted a dmc4 demo last week at one point, then moved it down to this week. you will notice the words "rumor" next to some items and "confirmed" next to others.

sorry if you don't like it. unlike most other gaming websites, i am just one guy trying to spread the word and keep sources in tact. the point of this "rumor" post is actually to decrease the number of false rumors out there.

solidt125733d ago

It will be available this week. Too many sources reporting DMC4 demo on live and PSN this week.

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heyheyhey5733d ago

hmmmm... Monsters sounds cool, but i hate rumors so il call BS for now

RecSpec5733d ago

BS on Monsters being released this week? It has been confirmed by Sony for awhile now.

Hopefully it is as good as DTD.

DrPirate5733d ago

Actually, this is the only confirmed offering.

PixelJunk Monsters is this week.

Bill Gates5733d ago

Anyone own Stranglehold, and how good do you like it?

They spelled it "Strangehold"...AAHA HHA

techie5733d ago

Monsters IS on the store, because we know it will be -confirmed by Sony's blog...but this story is still bollocks, we don't need this every week.