Q&A: Gadi Pollack on Lost: Via Domus

Jan 22, 2008

Emma Boyes of GameSpot UK writes:

"Lost: Via Domus will take gamers right back to the start of season one, when Oceanic flight 815 crash-lands on a mysterious island and the survivors struggle to make sense of their new surroundings. Gamers will play Elliot Maslow, a new character created for the game, an investigative journalist in possession of a scoop when the plane goes down. Maslow is struggling with amnesia brought on by the shock of the crash, and throughout the game, experiences his own flashbacks as he attempts to remember his past.

The producer of the game, Ubisoft Montreal's Gadi Pollack, came over to the UK to show it off. GameSpot took the opportunity to ask him all about the game, and how the Ubisoft team worked with JJ Abrams and the other members of the Lost crew."

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