TGS 2006: Square on Final Fantasy III

The Final Fantasy series has been with us for almost 20 years now, leaving us a rich legacy of games and stories to remember. For American gamers, however, one entry in the series has never been available to them, the NES Final Fantay III. (Due to gaps in the chapters between the numerous titles released in Japan and only the select few released in America for the then-fledgling RPG community, the Final Fantasy III most of us know from the SNES was actually the sixth chapter of the franchise.)

With a series of reincarnations of the series on Game Boy Advance and PlayStation, gamers have been able to see the series in its nearly complete form. But for Final Fantasy III, Square Enix has taken its production efforts to the next level and completely remade Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS, utilizing a new 3D engine and a host of new gameplay features to present this chapter in the saga as never before. IGN spoke to producer Tomoya Asano, who was part of the original Final Fantasy III team over fifteen years ago, about the process of remaking this 'lost' classic.

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