SCEA Representative Responds to Rumored White PS3 in North America

Shacknews reports a Sony Computer Entertainment America representative has responded to Shacknews' inquiry, insinuating that the filing was routine and is not necessarily indicative of a forthcoming release.

"There are many FCC filings like this each year," explained the representative. "We haven't made any announcements about upcoming PS3 plans, but are comfortable with our current two sku strategy. We are continually evaluating the market trends and consumer input to determine the appropriate PS3 models for our territory."

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Darkiewonder4662d ago

Sounds so automated. It just means they ARE going to announce it. But when is the question.

Cyrus3654662d ago

most likely, but they can't have it go public, and stall potential PS# owners from buying the SKU's that are alrady out there.

niall774662d ago

"we dont plan to have a price cut" a week later they announce the $400 ps3 and a price cut on the 80GB version

its just a matter of waiting for the announcment IMO.

Cyrus3654662d ago

Well there not gonna confirm a price cut rumor, say oh yeah 2-3 months from now we'll have a price cut.

No one would by the PS3 till then..Same with this rumor, it's coming obviously, but they don't want to hold u potential PS3 purchases. So they'll make a comment it's just routine.

I say it comes out with a major title? Either DMC in Feb, maybe to early, but maybe MGS 4? or GTA IV?

DJ4662d ago

the 40GB and 80GB units once U.S. sales are consistent enough. Possibly Holiday 2008?

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The story is too old to be commented.