GamePro Reviews No More Heroes - The Great Wii Action Game Has Arrived

From GamePro's No More Heroes review:

* The most enjoyable sword combat on the Wii yet. We hope the dev team of the next Star Wars game will pick this game up for research purposes.
* The finishing moves are oh so sweet and satisfying.
* The game has a ridiculously unique sense of humor. Everything from movies to 8-bit gaming gets referenced.
* And wait until you see the save system!

* Doing odd jobs to earn money is boring. That's not a video game: it's a J-O-B.
* While the art style is cool, the graphics are sort of ugly. If this game had true new-gen graphics, it'd be winner winner chicken dinner in every way possible.
* The boss fights are a tad wonky. Just wait until you try it for yourself. You'll see what we mean."

Score: 4.5/5

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lonestarmt4661d ago

IMO besides the tales sequel and smash bros, these are the only games worth getting for the wii in 08

INehalemEXI4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

NMH is my most anticipated wii game , besides SSBB and Rygar.

Edit: Forgot Mario Kart wii.

TruthbeTold4661d ago

Fragile, Red Steel 2, Okami, and Mario Kart Wii have all been announced as well. Not to mention that only half the year of releases has been revealed so far. I'd say that this is shaping up to be a great year for Nintendo and their 3rd party games. If they drop a serious bomb or two at E3, then it may end up being an extraordinary year.

games4fun4661d ago

skies of arcadia 2 i want that game for ps3 but it will never happen

RecSpec4661d ago


That bomb will be Animal Crossing, although I bet anything it will be earlier. I've been thinking that they will announce it near the launch of Home. I've been waiting for a true sequel to AC for awhile, but then again there's Home. Hmm...

Unrelated, but important note: Chicks dig Animal Crossing! Home, not so much

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Marceles4661d ago

Wow and this is coming out tomorrow...I guess I'll add this to my collection since I missed out on Zack & Wiki.

Chubear4661d ago

... what you mean "missed out" ? YOu can go the store and get it now can't you?

BrotherNick4661d ago

I'm buying :D this game seems neat.

Omicron4661d ago

Great game, and this is only the beginning!

MK_Red4661d ago

Awesome find.
"If this game had true new-gen graphics, it'd be winner winner chicken dinner in every way possible. "
Dammit, I hope they make a violent and similair game for PS3 / 360 soon.

BrotherNick4661d ago

I think it'd be lame to press buttons to do the wrestling moves, take that out and a 360/PS3 game would be cool with better graphics.

Shankle4660d ago

Well Red, we do have devil may cry 4, and ninja gaiden sigma and 2.

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