Xbox 360 sales sink to new low in Japan

Microsoft's Xbox 360 sales sunk to a new low in recent Japan sales charts.

Media Create Co. on Friday reported that the Xbox successor sold 928 units in Japan.

Its not looking good for the 360 in the land of the rising sun...

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happygamer5000d ago

xbox 360 has some great games. those gamers need to wake up.

kingboy5000d ago (Edited 5000d ago )

goodluck to them cuz the more they stay strong the more sony tries to make our playstation experience better

BIadestarX5000d ago

I can tell you who is part of the "Sony Defense Force" (DJ, etc) the only thing is that they dont get pay for it. It is just natural.

TheMART5000d ago

Face it: Wii will fill up any Japanese household in need for a new console

Munky5000d ago

But i'm pretty sure things will look better once all those JRPG's (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Trusty Bell) come out.

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The story is too old to be commented.