PAX - The New E3 For Gamers

After starting out in 2004 with only around 3,300 attendees (amazingly, exactly 1337 attendees pre-registered for the 2004 event), PAX has grown by leaps and bounds. With over 37,000 attendees in 2007 (over double 2006's attendance), the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) has become the largest gaming event in North America.

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StalkingSilence4660d ago

Agreed. the linked to article is based off of a press release ( http://www.pennyarcadeexpo.... that came out October 2007. This article is neither relevant or interesting. It's certainly not timely as GDC 08 and probably even E3 happen way before PAX 08 (August 2008).

Frag Monger4660d ago

GDC is not for gamers. E3 is no longer for gamers (industry, invite-only event).

This is timely, becuase PAX '08 registration is set to open before the end of the month & PAX is a better option for GAMERS (not devs or publishers).