Spiders in Controllers

This is a weekly spoof of industry news that is published every Friday as a part of the "Are you dumb enough to believe this?" series.

Poisonous spiders have been found in video game controller made in Mexico and South American countries. So far no deaths have been reported but seven people in the United States, and three in Japan, were treated for potentially deadly bites. That number is expected to rise in the next few months due to systems purchased as Christmas presents.

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pharmd4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

who the hell approved this? i've sh!t out better contributions than this!!!

so what if its a spoof, this is called "news for gamers" not "worlds most retarded spoofs for gamers"

ElfShotTheFood4664d ago

They should stick to cheat codes and leave the satire to the professionals.

RecSpec4664d ago

No they suck at that too.