Penny Arcade Adventures Episode One Impressions by GameSpot

Fans of the popular Web comic Penny Arcade know it to be many things: smart, vulgar, irreverent, vulgar, witty, vulgar, and so on. Those elements are certainly on display in Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode One, a graphical adventure game that features Gabe and Tycho from the comic strip, along with other characters. What's not so familiar, though, is the setting, an alternate 1920s universe where suburbia, pre-Great Depression America, a lot of weirdness comes together. With the game due out in the second quarter of this year, GameSpot got a chance recently to watch an extensive play session that showed everything from character creation to combat to the first boss fight. What GameSpot saw will appeal to Penny Arcade fans, however its colorful style and even more colorful humor may strike a chord with those who haven't read the strip.

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