Test Drive on Xbox 360 Burning Up The Charts

Atari's Test Drive on Xbox 360 is about as popular as a game can be at the moment. Ever since the racing title hit the market on September 8th, it has been burning up the charts like nobody's business.

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happygamer5844d ago

I like the nfs series much better. but its ok i guess i rented it i might get it someday.

Jak4ever5844d ago

Its an ok game. TDU seems like it could have benefited from about 6-7 months more of development time, the fact that cars take NO damage along with things like not being able to Splash into water these things (in my opinion) have Limited the test factor in Test Drive. Annoying!

ACE5844d ago

this game is amazing u 2 ,,, what the hell r u going on about this game rocks man put alittle time in to it and u WILL b rewarded . as for car damage lol it would have made it super frustrating mate thats y they didnt and good thing too. i like need for speed most wanted too but also love variety in my racing games and this has it all . good job atari .

Antan5844d ago

yeah its a very good game! the lack of player damage i agree with also. Having clocked up the mileage i can also say you would defo get your moneys worth. the online portion of the game is generally very good though i think they could learn a thing or two from PGR. Extra development time always helps a game but there is only so long (and so much money) you can work on a game before you have to ship.

Boink5844d ago

I just bought it friday. Way more fun thatn I thought it would be.

I'm I must go buy a bigger place for all my cars:)

JPomper5844d ago

It deserves to be at the top for what it's done for the Live racing community. Yeah, there are things here and there that could've been improved on and yes, there are glitches, but when it works you get a greater idea of what they were able to accomplish with this game.

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