Nintendo Brings Common Knowledge to Wii: More non-games coming over from DS

January 22, 2008

Anoop Gantayat of IGN writes:

"One of Nintendo's many successful "non-games" is making the trip to the big screen. Nintendo Japan announced today Everyone's Common Knowledge Television (Minna no Joushikiryoku Terebi) for the Wii.

Like the popular Common Knowledge Training for Adults DS title from last year, Everyone's Common Knowledge Television attempts to teach players the kinds of things everyone should know regarding sports, fashion, cooking, manners, health, society and various other fields. You're given the chance to test out your common knowledge quotient and work through training exercises to improve it."

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heyheyhey4664d ago

seems like the wii is going to have another great year

SSBB, Dragon Quest and No More Heroes have my attention

bootsielon4664d ago

And somewhere between $149 and $99. Until then, I'll enjoy next-gen.

Eretik4664d ago

X3600 & PS3 are old-generation consoles for kids.
Graphics! Wow!
Sound! Wow!
HD! Wow-wow!
Blood! Yummi!
Big gun! Hurray!

wiizy4664d ago

exactly. the only system that offers something new is the wii. and the masses have spoken.. fanboys just cant deal with it