Dishonored screens: looking luxuriously violent

Here are the latest Dishonored PS3 screens showing and attack on a house of ill repute called the Golden Cat.

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maelstromb2398d ago

Haven't read much about Dishonored despite seeing some news here and there, but I gotta say, graphically those screens look a game from last generation - flat, muddy textures and all. Let's hope the PC version gets a much more refined treatment.

deep_fried_bum_cake2398d ago

Why care about how this game looks? It's clearly a gameplay focused game. For all I care it could be 8 bit as long as I'm having fun playing it.

sonicsidewinder2398d ago

Quite a hefty article this, if you have the time:

Gives insight into the industry, and both lead developers.

Pretty deep stuff :)

maelstromb2398d ago

VERY cool stuff! I just skimmed through it briefly, but I will have to read that article in full when I get some time this weekend! Thanks for the link, sonicsidewinder! :)

Shaner_Bock2398d ago

Those are Xbox 360 screen shots, unless Sony decided to allow the 360 controller to be used on the PS3.

D3mons0ul2397d ago

This game showed up in a dream for some reason. I wonder what this means.