Put Your Dancing Shoes on for the Flux Dance Challenge

BioWare is holding a contest for the best Flux dancing. From BioWare's site:


Recreate the sweet dance moves Commander Shepard does at the Flux nightclub in a setting of your choosing and posting it on the web. Download a sample of Shepard dancing at the Flux (MOV 1 MB).
How to Enter

* Grab the Flux Dance music, or if you really need it, there's an extended video loop.
* Film yourself or your friends doing the Flux dance in the locale of your choosing (home, the mall, work, etc.).
* The total length of the video should be between 10 and 30 seconds.
* Post it on the web for all to see.
* E-mail the link to the video to [email protected] and we'll link to the best on the Mass Effect Community page.

We're looking for the best or funniest situation involving at least one dancer and one non-dancer/hapless observer/fan/groupie/nervous bystander. The coolest videos get sweet Mass Effect swag!

First round of prizes announced February 15th, 2008."

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bym051d5794d ago

If I were into public humiliation, I'd do it for the Mass Effect gear.


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ApocalypseShadow191d ago

Good games but no Phantasy Star?

merlox190d ago

Why do people forget Phantasy Star? That is one of my favorite RPG series. Another ther good but overlooked series is ,Y's.

anast190d ago

ES3 set things off, it's a shame they got greedy and decided to cut corners so the executives could get huge pay days.


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362d ago

Mass Effect N7 Day Teaser Decoded, Features Liara and the Geth

The Mass Effect N7 Day teaser has already been decoded, and it features Liara T'Soni talking about The Council, and The Geth can be heard too.

LordoftheCritics391d ago

Better not bring back Shepherd from the dead with some half assed space magic.

Snowb420390d ago

If you get your readiness level high enough in Mass Effect 3, *spoilers* you can see Shepard taking in a breath of air under some rubble. It would depend on whichever ending is canon.

389d ago
Fearmonkey389d ago

.....Search in youtube, mass effect shepard lives

MrVux000389d ago

Where is my ''Indoctrination Theory'' and ''Destroy'' ending gang at?

FPS_D3TH389d ago

I came here to say the indoctrination theory absolutely solidified the ending of this trilogy for me in the best way

Yui_Suzumiya389d ago

Guess you never played it then, lol

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rlow1390d ago

Yeah I saw that at the end of my play through as well. I think they will bring Shepard back….. or at least a mutant version turned villain. Lol