Put Your Dancing Shoes on for the Flux Dance Challenge

BioWare is holding a contest for the best Flux dancing. From BioWare's site:


Recreate the sweet dance moves Commander Shepard does at the Flux nightclub in a setting of your choosing and posting it on the web. Download a sample of Shepard dancing at the Flux (MOV 1 MB).
How to Enter

* Grab the Flux Dance music, or if you really need it, there's an extended video loop.
* Film yourself or your friends doing the Flux dance in the locale of your choosing (home, the mall, work, etc.).
* The total length of the video should be between 10 and 30 seconds.
* Post it on the web for all to see.
* E-mail the link to the video to [email protected] and we'll link to the best on the Mass Effect Community page.

We're looking for the best or funniest situation involving at least one dancer and one non-dancer/hapless observer/fan/groupie/nervous bystander. The coolest videos get sweet Mass Effect swag!

First round of prizes announced February 15th, 2008."

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bym051d4659d ago

If I were into public humiliation, I'd do it for the Mass Effect gear.