Opinion: The PSP has become a blunt Swiss Army Knife

There are several incontrovertible truths about the Swiss Army Knife - it was invented by the Swiss, made famous by their Army, and all variants contain at least one blade. Back when it was invented though, it was a pretty simple device: a blade, a screwdriver, a can opener and a punch were the original tools.

Over the years, it's got more complex. You can now buy knives containing laser pointers, USB drives, MP3 players, even an altimeter, while the most complicated version - admittedly created to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary - contained 85 different tools.

The parallels with the PSP are easy to spot.

Just as the knife ended up with more tools that were less useful, so Sony's pushed the PSP into becoming the do-it-all-averagely-portable device

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Marceles4662d ago

Best handheld gaming system ever. You can talk about what direction and what games Sony wants the PSP to have...(God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Crisis Core, FF Dissidia), but there's no denying how amazing the PSP is. Especially with CFW, the PSP's a beast

mighty_douche4662d ago

Add the power of Homebrew and it really does alot!

pharmd4662d ago

This is perfect timing, as I was just discussing with my friend today my thoughts of purchasing one. I hear alot about he connectivity of it with the ps3 but if anyone can give me some insight about how "worth it" it really is. I live of wifi and am wondering, can this really be that great, if so look for me to pick one up within the next week....

thanks for any insight comrads

mccomber4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

I bought one the day they came out, and have enjoyed it since, with the features, games and homebrew just getting better and better the whole time. The obvious uses of having a portable aside, I love being able to play it while sitting in front of my computer, waiting for photoshop to crank through a 2gb file. I've taken it to the gym, where using the wifi features I can connect to the ps3 at home and stream music and saved tv shows to it while I'm on the rowing machine, and also like being able to check the internet quickly on a larger screen than most other portable devices can offer.
The author of this article may think it's blunt, but it's just as capable, if not more so, than many other portable devices out there, and easily offers up more than it's gaming peers do.

pharmd4662d ago

thanks my friend, bubbles for your help

IntelligentAj4662d ago

There is no doubt that the PS3 is the most full featured handheld created but I just don't want one. If I traveled more maybe but I have my PS3 and PS2 to keep me busy.

Torch4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

My friend, you don't know what you're missing.

Although the partial intended purpose for mine was intended for gaming on the road, I've been mostly using it quite heavily around the house as of late to meet ALL of my media purposes.

Ever since the birth of my two colic twin boys in late November, the PSP has been nothing short a Godsend for me. With newborns occupying about 95% of my time, a quick dash of Logan's Shadow here, a smidgen of streaming video there, a blink of some on-the-spot PSP has been the only thing keeping me from losing my sanity, and pretty much my only means of a much-needed means of a temporary escape .

Oh sure, my PS3 is still king, but as of late it's been next to impossible to get some honest gaming goodness...other than via my PSP.

<<sheds tear as he envisions his beloved PS3 sitting by it's dusty, lonely self, eagerly waiting to dish out the next Rock Band setlist>>

I can't more highly recommend a product more complimentary to a PS3 owner than it's little brother, the PSP.

And now that the long-awaited GPS add-on is finally on the horizon for North America, I'm actually considering picking up a second one and leave the first one in the car (which is, between you and I, nothing more than an excuse to grab the newer PSP slim model - complete with A/V output!!!)

And if in doubt with regard to the PSP's capability as a competent stand-alone video game machine, you needn't look any further than the upcoming God of War gameplay videos.

My only major gripe (other than the obviously absent second analog controller) is the crippled web's just too limited, and runs out of memory faster than OJ Simpson does alibis. Very, very frustrating at times.

Other than than, it's a sweet, sweet little machine indeed.

Hellgiver4662d ago

There is so much you can do with it without messing around with CFWs or homebrew, and once you get into that, it is just too amazing. I spend more time messing with my PSP than with my 360, ps3, or wii.

deeznuts4662d ago

What is the definite site for CFW or homebrews (if it isn't against the TOS or similar to post here, sorry if it is).

I'm travelling a lot, and wished I had one.

Hellgiver4652d ago

In case you didn't notice, I sent you a PM, deeznuts. Check it when you get a chance.

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