Analyst: Nintendo Full Year Sales To Exceed $14.5 Billion

Ahead of Nintendo's Q3 report expected January 24th, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has predicted the company will report sales of ¥565 billion ($5.28b), and, despite a conservative outlook, will raise full fiscal 2008 sales guidance ahead of the current ¥1,550 billion ($14.5b).

"Nintendo's recent financial performance has been spectacular and we continue to believe its FY:08 guidance is conservative," said Pachter, noting sales of 13 million Wiis and 54 million DSs through September, before its top-selling holiday.

Pachter says he believes Nintendo will raise its full year guidance at the close of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is currently set at ¥1,550 billion ($14.5b) in sales and profits of ¥275 billion ($2.57b).

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4666d ago

HUGE NO. They could released controller on GC and be done with it.

PS360WII4666d ago

Well deserved Nintendo ^^ Seriously for them to have to hear how every year will be their last they finally made a two hit KO products of DS and Wii to silence the nay sayers of doom. Welcome back Nintendo it's been awhile

Iamback4666d ago

Yeah good comment and i agree even if i have no interest in DS or Wii i am glad for them

IntelligentAj4666d ago

agreed with Lamback. You have to give credit to their execs and the company as whole for that business strategy. Pure genius and the balance sheet shows it.