Nintendo Publish 05-06 Financial Earnings

For the financial year ending this March just gone, Nintendo have managed sales of 509,249,000,000 yen - down 1.2% from the previous year. However, operating profits rose 10.6% to 160,759,000,000 yen, with pure profits up 12.5% to 98,078,000,000 yen.

Much of the healthy sales were down to the DS, and latterly, the DS Lite. To date, 16.73 million units have been shipped (numbers from both versions combined) - and of that number, 11.46 million were in the last financial year. Per territory, the numbers break down to 4.78 million being sold in Japan, 2.19 million in North America and 3.76 million in Europe and the rest of the world

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