Nintendo Publish 05-06 Financial Earnings

For the financial year ending this March just gone, Nintendo have managed sales of 509,249,000,000 yen - down 1.2% from the previous year. However, operating profits rose 10.6% to 160,759,000,000 yen, with pure profits up 12.5% to 98,078,000,000 yen.

Much of the healthy sales were down to the DS, and latterly, the DS Lite. To date, 16.73 million units have been shipped (numbers from both versions combined) - and of that number, 11.46 million were in the last financial year. Per territory, the numbers break down to 4.78 million being sold in Japan, 2.19 million in North America and 3.76 million in Europe and the rest of the world

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Meet The Solo Dev Whose Sega Rally Tribute Could Become An Official Sequel

When the first footage of Over Jump Rally appeared online, it rightly caused quite a stir. Created using Unreal Engine 5, it offered a tantalizing glimpse of what a modern-day Sega Rally could look like, complete with super-realistic car models, breathtaking environments and – of course – the trademark Sega Blue Sky.

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darthv7218h ago

Oh man.... this looks so damn good.

ApocalypseShadow6h ago

Well done and great potential for a tribute.

Hey Dev, would you happen to be a fan of Skies of Arcadia? Lol


Scandalous recruitment standards in a Polish studio. A strip session in the background

Adrian Chmielarz, a famous game creator, revealed shocking details about recruitment in one of the Polish development studios. He shared a story on his Facebook that sparked community outrage among both players and industry professionals.

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gold_drake1d 17h ago

i dont see how that is so outrages.

Eonjay16h ago

"A woman looking for a job in gamedev was asked by the recruiter for a naked sauna session as one of the conditions of employment."

I don't know...

gold_drake7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

is a pretty simple word imo

purple10113h ago

but they do sauna all the time in Finland, Sweden all those countries, right>>? hehe

CrimsonWing6911h ago(Edited 11h ago)

Ok, say no and find a different job?

Christopher7h ago

Love how people don't understand a person in the position to hire is forcing women into uncomfortable situations if they need a job.

Can they say no? Sure, but the point is that they either do it or lose out on a job. That's not how it should be and is a legal suit in many countries for doing it to begin with.

Also, the logic that he can't see them writing about sauna's without experiencing it nude and with him? Yeah, that's how it works. Only murderers write about murder.

SubtilizZer6h ago

Yea it’s pretty fucked either way you slice it.


A Late Look: Paper Mario

VGChartz's Mark Nielsen: "Welcome to A Late Look, a series of article where I take a belated look at games from yesteryear that I missed out on the first time around. Not quite review and not quite rant, it’s more a casual assessment of what I – the gamer of the future – consider to be each game’s strengths and weaknesses in retrospect.

Just last month Nintendo released a remake of the cult-classic Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, so what better time could there possibly be to take a look not at that game, and not at its original, but at the Nintendo 64 game from 2000? None is what I say! This very first release in the Paper Mario series will also be my first entry point. So, let’s get to it."

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