The Rest of Europe / Others Chart for Week Ending 19th January 2008 including Software sales

Software Total:
DS: 609,840
Wii: 570,059
PS3: 238,450
360: 203,563
PS2: 134,850
PSP: 24,268

1. Wii Sports (Wii) 119,835 6,379,604
2. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) 96,291 1,322,339
3. More Brain Training (DS) 83,439 3,111,330
4. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 68,012 1,563,768
5. Brain Training (DS) 65,928 4,900,545
6. Wii Play (Wii) 55,725 2,715,265
7. New Super Mario Bros (DS) 47,174 3,855,957
8. Assassins Creed (PS3) 46,113 1,137,639
9. Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day (DS) 40,318 681,888
10. Nintendogs (DS) 39,444 8,685,024
11. Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (DS)38,614 3,267,347
12. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune 38,285 545,022
13. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS2) 34,657 2,157,160
14. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS3) 31,894 928,084
15. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) 30,592 962,322

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Maddens Raiders4789d ago (Edited 4789d ago )

So I wonder, why the following behaviour?:

Spam: (52 minutes ago)
Reported by: BIoodmask

Lame: (1 hour ago)
amazon sales now? worthless. just worthless.
Reported by: wageslave


Console Weekly Total
DS 200,647 (+23%) 23,580,020
Wii 119,835 (+60%) 6,379,604
PS3 61,578 (-10%) 3,900,077
PSP 57,241 (-4%) 11,029,828
X360 54,002 (-3%) 5,435,670
PS2 52,191 (-10%) 46,532,235
Total 545,494


Cyrus3654789d ago (Edited 4789d ago )

Decided to change the story, since it was pending for a while.

InYourMom4789d ago

Just because you got called out and owned, don't try and pull the same thing. You look like a fool.

zambrota4789d ago (Edited 4789d ago )

do you even realize what i did?

i nailed your boss who is having 2 accounts with the same name at the same time

just because i nailed your master you are now annoyed?

i provided links. the admin takes care from here

you are as retarded and foolish as your Nick is. Only an abnormal BOt like you would ever even choose a nick like "inyourmum"

Snukadaman4789d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

Just like a hurt one should have double or with your case nasim 20 accounts on n4g...even if it is pro-xbox it dont matter...use one account...isnt that one of the guidelines on this website...

hahahaha i laugh so hard in your face...not only are you deluded with sony horsesheit you even think i have more then one i know your a moron...roflmao

zambrota4789d ago

oh really then why are you using "Snukadaman" and "inyourmum" at the same time.

Both your accounts even have a retarded name like you . Get a brain surgery so that you can straight and come up with good names

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Cyrus3654789d ago

nice to see Uncharted cracked over the 500 K in europe. Both COD4 and Assassin Creed (PS3) outsell the 360 version this week.

Cyrus3654789d ago

No not yet, currently uncharted worldwide is near 900 K (It hasn't included data from us, and japan (don't expect much from japan though)).

Probably next week or the week after it cracks the 1 million barrier (my bet is end of Jan.).

The Brave 14789d ago

Uncharted is past 1 million worldwide now

zambrota4789d ago

Vgchartz havent fixed their uncharted North american numbers.

Us NPD shows uncharted to be around 325k for the months of Nov/dec

add another 30k for Canada

so i think Vg is off by 80k/100k on Uncharted's Na numbers.

i still feel Vg is undereporting Uncharted's european sales too

Cyrus3654788d ago

my bad, just going off what VGChartz is "estimating".

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SWORDF1SH4789d ago (Edited 4789d ago )


InYourMom4789d ago (Edited 4789d ago )

Touche again droids! You see the NPD for Canada and you run to VGAChartz to try and fire back with their WEEKLY numbers..

Screw weekly, let's get some official numbers for a MONTH from a reliable source.

I hear in UBEKAKSTAN the PS3 is beating the 360 by 1000 units! 360 is the d00msssssss.. Am I right?

lonestarmt4789d ago

Europe is hardly UBEKAKSTAN. Europe is in fact bigger than USA. Plus they actually have a better economy right than us (I"m American too) This also doesn't include Japan I think. Looks like your 360 can't even beat PS3 worldwide in software sales now. lol.

cmrbe4789d ago

you need geo lessons. Ubekistan is in central asia. Not Europe. Why so defensive?

Maddens Raiders4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

In Your Mom your an embarassment to all Americans dude, just like your patron saint George Bush.

MaximusPrime4788d ago

sad when americans thinks they are the only intelligent country in the world.

BobDog4788d ago

haha thats funny sht

i remember that was on the chaser show back in 06, and if ur not an aussie u wont know wtf im talking bout lol

that video was on national television lol

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the worst4789d ago

GO Uncharted GO
ALMOST AT 1,000,000

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