Blu-ray or HD DVD? - 47% Still Prefer HD DVD, Survey Says

1/22/08 - Anna Lagerkvist of writes:

"Despite the Blu-ray camp all but winning the high-definition format war, a surprisingly high number of customers still prefer the HD DVD format."

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UnblessedSoul4287d ago

Why would dixion customers know anything? They have probably been mis-guided and don't have a clue

zambrota4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

based on ONLINE VOTE at

does any one even know about that website DIXON is about?

I think not even 10 people visit that site


Look what Bloodmask is reporting -

"How many accounts do you have? Shmee/Zambrota/TANOD/Lodossrag e/RIPDVD/Mary Ellis/ Lotto/pharmd/Larr007/Tidus007& quot;

according to him anyone who says something bad about HD DVD is shmee/ellis bla bla and all of them have fake accounts?

zambrota4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

Look what he reported :-

"WOW Zambrota/Shmee/NASIM/Tanod. Another false SPAM report. This article is not the Poll itself, it is "article" about it from a legit source. And another "Not Good" rating for no reason. Luckily Dusty is online now. I have taken a thumbnail image of it, so it won't matter if you delete it. Your censorship has gone too far this time."

This is from a legit source but is SOLELY based on POLLS at DIXON.CO

Bloodmask do you even know what DIXON is ?

I dont know so is everyone here

In the meanwhile people the original article says this :-

"Blu-ray-or-hd-dvd-dixon s-customers-unsure?"

this guy Bloodmask even tweaked the heading of the article

gamesR4fun4287d ago

99% of hd/dvd surveys are pure BS

pharmd4287d ago

"new dixon survey, 100% of users dont believe anything bloodmask contributes"

TheTwelve4287d ago

47% of Americans preferred Kerry over Bush, too.


actas1234287d ago

I bet the people that voted for HD dvd thought it is DVD. Its a BS survey.

2Negativecool4287d ago

I guess this means that 47% of the people surveyed were retarded.

Fototherapist4287d ago

they meant 4 to 7%. Not 47%.

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zambrota4287d ago

93% of the HD players purchased last week were Blu-Ray and this doesnt include ps3.

you can determine the credibility of the article

sak5004287d ago

all the articles about BD domination gets approved in secs.

fenderputty4287d ago

in all fairness BD is dominating and, these "survey" numbers aren't indicitve of actual sales in the market. This article is almost laughable.

hotshot1274287d ago

and 2, people need to stop looking at surveys because thats just the people on the internet............seriously people hddvd lost, get over it.

SoulReaper4287d ago

yawn.. all talk no support.. and its only online survey..blu ray dominate everywhere..the sale shows it..