Splinter Cell: Conviction PS3 dated?

The previously 360 and PC-only Splinter Cell Conviction is now also set for a simultaneous release on PS3, according major UK retailer GAME.

The site also pens the game to release on all three formats on April 1, despite previous announcements only stating a vague early 2008 release.

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This is not directed twords TnS but this game has already been announced as a PC, Xbox 360 exclusive and Ubisoft has stated that they wanted to make an exlusive Xbox 360 game for a while.
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Panthers4742d ago

woah. a little scared are ya?

4742d ago
cloud360-7th_account4742d ago

PS3 Era 2008

darx4742d ago

First off, it's a video game system!

Second, I could careless if this game is multi-plat. I will be picking it up for the 360 anyway. So what do I care!

And finally it will not be released on all 3 at the same time!

April Fools!

MJY2K4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Yes I agree it's not...

well not on that date anyway, games in the UK are released on a Friday, 1st of April isn't a Friday so maybe the 4th? Or some complete different date.

heroman7114742d ago

its funny cause i remember ps3 exclusives going multi platform before in 07 and 360 gamers laughing. well it seems the shoe is on the other foot ( and yes i did say the shoe is on the other foot ). i guess developers are starting to realize multiplatform games is a good thing

pukka_p4742d ago

First off, it's a video game system! Second, I could careless if this game is multi-plat. I will be picking it up for the 360 anyway. So what do I care! And finally it will not be released on all 3 at the same time! April Fools!

LOL. I love it when what people type gives a completely different impression to the intended message. Objectively read, yes, you do sound scared!!

godofthunder104742d ago

i have a 360 and i love it and had 1 since launch and i never had 1 problem with it.i hate sony and i never will own a ps3 but it's a good system and just like the 360 it will be around a long time.
the reason i wrote the first paragraph was to show that i'm not bias like %90 of people that own a system and act like kids.
the last time that they said the same thing about mgs4 all the ps3 fans said that it wasn't true and i knew that it wasn't true because sony already admitted that it was a ps3 exclusive.
now they are saying the same thing about a 360 exclusive that was already admitted by microsoft was an exclusive and now ps3 fans are saying that it's true,well they better make up their minds instead of being bias because it's childish.
i don't understand how ps3 and 360 fanboys thinks(maybe it's because they act like kids)because when it's something that good for the ps3 but it's bad for the 360, ps3 fans say it's true but when the same thing is said about the 360 that's good and bad for the ps3,ps3 fans say it's a lie and i think that it's just childish and stupid the way they act and the same thing for the 360 fansboys.
fanboys from both side might not like it but both systems will be around as long as people want to play games but as far as the ps having over %50 of the market is gone because nitendo and microsoft is finaly giving the ps a race and i don't like the wii but they were smart and the only one out of the 3 that really had something new to give game fans and they proved that graphics isn't everything,hell they proved that graphics isn't the first thing that the majority of game fans look far.
microsoft were smart when they didn't put a br or hd drive in the 360 because they had to keep the 360 cheaper then the ps3 because they knew that they had to compete with sony and that was the only way and it also knew that games didn't really need br or hd drives for games for at least another 5 to 6 years when they released the 360 and they were right.i know that ps3 fans will say it's not true and we need br drives for games over 2 years ago but they are bias.just think,the 360 been out going on 3 years now and so far out of all the games that came out %99 of them only needed one disc and about %98 that they mention that's coming out in the next 2 years only need one disc,i know that a few games need more then one but the %2 that will that's out and coming out in the next 2 years isn't worth paying another $200 just to put them on 1 just think in 2 years the 360 would have been out almost 5 years and just like microsoft perdicted the dvd-9 drive was all we needed for games till then and microsoft said that the 360 will last 5 to 6 years(hell about that time the 360 and ps3 will be outdated)and they will release the new xbox and i bet since it look like br won it will have a br drive in it because we will probaly need it for games then.
i think that sony made the biggest mistake that they ever made.if sony would've worried about games instead of trying to use the ps3 to win the format war they probaly would've had the lead when they first came didn't put the br drive in the ps3 for games,sony forced br drives on the gamers because they figured that since ps always sold a lot that they could get br in homes faster then hd if they but a br drive in the ps3 and it worked because it was the main reason that they won the format war but it hurt them on the ps3 sales.
ps3 fans think that sony own all of the rights to the br drive but they have 100s of investers that own rights in br to,hell just like cds when they first came out,it looked like tishiba owned all the right to cds and they even had a war with sony over the format but cds won and it looked like they owned cds just like sony is with br but now you don't even hear tishiba mentioned in the same sentence as cds because they had 100s on investers just like sony with br and the same thing will happen with br,hell i bet that the majority of people can't even rememberd what company pushed dvds the hardest because dvds had 100s on investers to.

skychad11114741d ago


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ParaDise_LosT4742d ago

Will every typo become gaming news now?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

to go with that WHINE!

did everything bad for the ps3 in 2007 get posted?


yes, they are unconfirmed.

these last few days have made me realize......

The MEDIA has TURNED on 360.

regardless if any of this is true or NOT.

wouldn`t you agree?

Ps. I like you posts aswell.



if you want to blame me, blame me.
but right now, your the one who looks like a b!tch.

now, go TRY to find a negative ps3 story!

good luck!

IntelligentAj4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Anego. I normally agree with you cause you make sensible posts but he has a good point. These are all unconfirmed rumors but they are dominating the news lately.

EDIT: Yeah good point. Up until November all I could see was bad news being posted about the PS3. The tides certainly have changed though.

LeonSKennedy4Life4742d ago

Media turns toward POWER!!!

While Microsoft is a big company, their gaming division is nowhere CLOSE to Sony's. SOE, Team Ico, Santa Monica, and all the other Sony devs still have an arsenal to unleash.

Team Ico, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Suckerpunch (Infamous looks awesome), and NCSoft will bring it!!!

Snukadaman4742d ago

Im surprised you sony droids dont think microsoft controls the media seeing that they are all powerful and control this hd-dvd format business...but we have been here the past few days and I havent seen this so called turning on the media...whats even funnier is you post news montoya...stop trying too make the news and just post it copyboy.

Kleptic4742d ago

while overall I don't really care...there definitely is a trend that started somewhere around the release of CoD 4, where negative PS3 news needs to be dug from the depths of hell...rather than being everywhere all the time...

there is no arguing that 2007 had a "its cool to hate the PS3" mentality for the most that would marginally underperform their 360 counterpart were immediately written of with a big stamp of "the ps3 sucks" from almost every gaming website...but recently, different development tactics have resulted in more and more titles being deemed as identical, and in some cases slightly better on the PS3...

it definitely has not resulted in "the 360 sucks", its more of a "well finally the PS3 version looks better, but it still doesn't have this this this and this, so the 360 version is better"...which before, would have immediately turned an article into a shotcomings-of-the-PS3 rant...

and this stuff has increased exponentially in the last month...all of a sudden the PS3 outsells the 360 worldwide for the last month of 2007, and is continuing to do so...all of a sudden the gaming media has realized that the PS3 has a vastly superior lineup for 2008 on every single level...all of a sudden the stuff that was once not important (open/free online service, standard USB profiles, non-proprietary accessory compatibility, etc.) is making more headlines...and these little things are all stuff that MS has absolutely no answer to...they are tight lipped on UGC distribution, with no decent looking outcome in sight...they have been removing XBL features for silver members (wait a week now for demos? is that moving forward?)...

and the now infamous ongoing public hardware beta is finally reaching critical mass...there is no denying that if the PS3 was what had failure rates of even half that of the 360, that it immediately would have been flopped...

MS is in a position they are used to though...they dabble in market after market, holding on until the competition does what they started is the only thing MS has that has not been beaten on every single level over and over...XBL is acceptable, despite all its annoyances and nickel-and-diming shortcomings, until something else comes along...offering more for less...which is exactly what is setting up with the PSN...the PSN needs two features implemented to match xbl on a user basis...which is unified in game messaging/invites/joining and music access...yet already has features that xbl doesn't support...such as tons of games with dedicated servers (some of which are third party, Epic/midway has over 30 dedicated to the PS3 for UT3)...a much easier and better way of distributing UGC...

not only that but the PSN has shown what it is likely to become in 2008...XBL has no answer for the services of Home...XBL has only grown in terms of content...PSN has/is growing in feature plus content...

in the end none of this really is simply humorous to watch fanboys have to put new spins on old sayings just to keep well as see 80% of the gaming media try to get the egg off their face...

2008 will have some great times for both systems...its just nice to see that more and more people are seeing that the PS3 isn't anywhere near as bad as it was originally declared...and, dare I say it, it might be the best console to own starting this year...

pukka_p4742d ago

good post. Not sure everyone will agree, but reasoned and well argued. Bubbles deserved (not that you're short of them)...

Kleptic4742d ago

ha thanks man...

while I agree that not everyone will take a post like as a friendly is worth noting that I am not looking for the tables to be turned on the 360...

nearly every single post I make is pro-Sony, but I only post in response to someone else ranting ignorantly about "sony'droids" and the PS3 in general...the only thing I find funny is towards those who continuously bashed the PS3 all last year, hailing victory in a battle that had never even really begun...that wasn't just fanboys on this stie, but a very large portion of the general media...

I never cared for the conspiracy issues surrounding 1up and other sites...its just very obvious at times where there preferences stand...2008 will be, if nothing else, hilarious in watching sites and editors alike try to apologize for a year of kicking sand in the face of owners of the "other" console...

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Dmack794742d ago

This game has much more of a chance to come over to the PS3, then MGS4 being ported to the 360.

jwatt4742d ago

It's funny though, last year the 360 was taking the ps3 exclusive now this year the ps3 is taking thiers.

poos34742d ago

in the same thread ubisoft confirmed it was not coming to the ps3 so what the point of this thread ?

ravinash4742d ago

But they said not confirmed, they didn't say no it isn't.
But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Jamegohanssj54742d ago

Who cares? This game blows.

heroman7114742d ago

so true dude. mgs4 will blow this game away

Iron Man 24742d ago

Yawn,who needs this game when we have MGS4?;)

AngryHippo4742d ago

.....the ps3 owners that enjoy the splinter cell series as well. How far up your own arse can you be. Think about it muppet.

calis4742d ago

I wouldn't mind having Splinter Cell - Conviction on PS3. I love the Splinter Cell series.

MikeGdaGod4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

and i've never played a Splinter Cell game, but i wouldn't mind it coming to the ps3 so i can try it out.

it won't replace Metal Gear but it doesn't have to. its just another game that can be played on ps3 and one less reason to own a 360 if it turns out to be a good game.

Kleptic4742d ago

I enjoyed the first splinter cell...

with that said though it quickly felt like one of those need for speed franchises...where the originals were great, and then you keep getting lame sequel after lame sequel (if you could even call it that, ist more like need for speed '05, '06, '07, etc.)...

I have not played any since the first game that really caught my attention...and as of right now, have absolutely zero interest in conviction...

lastly...weren't these the devs that said "blah blah blah, but teh cell can't do AI"...or something moronic like that...

Statix4742d ago

Splinter Cell is a dead franchise. It's been basically steadily going downhill ever since the first game, which was very good. Although Double Agent wasn't bad.

Comparing MGS to Splinter Cell is like comparing a B-movie to a highly anticipated blockbuster with huge production values. Nowadays, there's just no quality comparisons between the two franchises.

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