New SSBB Images Revealed

Check out these new Super Smash Bros. Brawl images.

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godoftime4790d ago

these series.....i tried to the one for gamecube and it just boring to me.

smashballs4790d ago

Dare I take the bait?

I could tell you so many reasons and solutions to the boredom you experienced. Biggest one of all is probably that you didn't have good people to play the game with. Once you start cultivating your own Smash cult with other players, you learn that this game goes deeper than the surface implies. There is intricate strategy and blah blah blah...well, it's not my job to sell you on the game, I'm just a fanatic. Smash Bros. is not for everyone, but is IS for anyone. Doesn't take much for anyone to get addicted and formidable.

Also, I couldn't open the link to the pictures. Are they just the images ripped off from yesterday's Smash Dojo?

RecSpec4790d ago

I think it's the screenshots of Manaphy. Just go to dojo.

godoftime4790d ago

my brother and his kid love the series to death, i just dont get it. maybe its not for everyone.