Far Cry 2 Progress Report

An updated look at open-ended combat on the African plains.

IGN writes:

"So it's safe to say we're really looking forward to this one, and we haven't even talked about how gorgeous the game looks. The game world is very impressively designed, and you've the ability to do a great number of things to it. You can set grasslands on fire, which will actually require more fuel to start and maintain if it's just after a rainstorm, cut trees to bits with your machete, and blow up nearly everything. To see the world you'll have access to gliders and be able to coast out from orange mountains across the desert plains or section of jungle. Dust storms will occasionally start up as well, there's a full day night cycle in the game, which currently Ubisoft Montreal is saying will take about six hours to run through."

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Amnesiac4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

I'm looking forward to this game.

I liked Far Cry Instincts for the Xbox, the sequels were, meh.

Iamback4660d ago

I watched 25 min video at gametrailers and i have to say this game sounds and looks impressive. My kind of FPS. Just awesome.
BUT how good will it be on consoles remains to be seen, since Ubisoft is well know for being awful at porting from PC to consoles.

Marceles4660d ago

That'll probably be the only drawback from the game if you don't own all 3 platforms, but I'd like to see justice done with all 3. If not then there'll be another 250 comment "my-console-is-better-tha n-yours" thread as usual.

pharmd4660d ago

so true, so sad, but so true!!!

INehalemEXI4660d ago

I would skip turok in favor of Far Cry 2. Im making sure my 08 purchases are exactly what im looking for.

mighty_douche4660d ago

Im interested to see how much the console version is gimped from the PC. Im sure this will require PC spec equal to that of Crysis (maybe slightly less) so the consoles will have to lose something.

720p @ 30fps MAX!

Marceles4660d ago

Yeah, plus not to mention we know who the publisher of the game is. I wonder which console will be gimped more? Hmmm....tough guess...

heyheyhey4660d ago

yeah man il probably be playing it on PC....

but if it comes with key/mouse support for ps3, a decent MP mode and lots of trophies to collect then i will get it for PS3 since i hate fiddling about with settings on my PC to get games running properly

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