Interview with I Support Learning's CEO about its game design courses

Gamertell has an exclusive interview with Steve Waddell, CEO and Lead Developer of I Support Learning, a contextual learning curriculum series that is provided to various high schools across the U.S.

The courses include videogame design, web game design, cartoon animation, AI, robotics and various green themes. Some of the courses can be taken as a "first-person virtual internship" and colleges are beginning to adopt the program.

Waddell: "[W]ith videogame design the students are immersed in the design process. While, yes, they are programming a 3D game, they are also creating audio, imagery, story lines, presentation to sell their game concept, learning about careers and working as part of a team at a company. We have had fortune 500 companies visit our offices just to see how we teach the real-world skills."

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