Official: How NOT to Use Your White 40Gb PlayStation 3

Along with photographs of the 40Gb PS3, which Spong are apparently not seeing in Europe (but which you can see here) They also saw its internal organs and some test photos. One of these shows 'Worst Case Position' for your PS3 (pictured below).

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DiLeCtioN4666d ago

but i wish i had those stickers to customise it, they look so cool.

koneesha14666d ago

But that would ruin the sex appeal of it. It looks very nice as it is. At least i think it does.

Shankle4666d ago

Sex appeal? That's very, very creepy.

Joey Gladstone4666d ago

When its all nice and clean......this console SHINES like no other.......A TRUE CENTER PIECE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Mario184666d ago

/\/\ The Moron has spoken.

I think the White one looks best, you wouldn't see as much dust on it.
I still love my black PS3 though!

Bebedora4666d ago

When the white ages I am afraid it will bleak and get 'dirty' looking.

VirusE4666d ago

"The Moron has spoken"

Classic, bubbles for you sir

Amnesiac4666d ago

I want a Ps3 slim and a dualshock 3.

I don't really care if it's black, white, green or purple.

Mr_Kuwabara4666d ago

Yeah I guess that'll show up eventually.

Daray4666d ago

How in their right mind would want a purple PS3?

Sarick4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Raises hand!

Me me me me, Royal purple with neon pink or royal purple strips to outline the shape of the PS3. With the disk drive lit up in the same colors.

That'd be one pimp looking Tron effect PS3 with gold trim saying PS3.

Hell yea your friends come over and drool over your l33t purple ps3 with neon trims. Sure beats the simple silver molded faceplate in Sonys original designs.

ravinash4665d ago

"How in their right mind would want a purple PS3"?

That would be the Pimp daddy PS3, comes with bling gold trim and a copy of GTA4.

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Kleptic4666d ago

so its another claim of the console being vertical is the "worst" position?

I have used mine pretty much equally in both positions...haven't noticed anything externally that would say one is better than the other...I think the system looks a little better standing up on an end table next to my TV...the overhanging right side just always seems awkward to me when laying flat (that and its a pain to find the USB slots if you are standing above the system)...

I remember the IR shots of the system in various conditions (after playing game for hours, after streaming videos, sitting at the xmb, folding, etc...)...and it was not very conclusive on one position being worse than the could see more heat from the UPS when standing up, but they said that was most likely because more heat soak was occuring into the side of the case, rather than being absorbed by the table when laying horizontal...

w/e...I am pretty comfortable either way right now...if a really good comparison comes out, I will do whatever it says...but until then, it seems like anyones guess...

Amnesiac4666d ago

I know this is just my personal opinion/experiences, but my ps2 broke and two of my friends have had their Ps3s break.

What did they all have in common?

They were all sitting vertically.

It's probably just coincidence, but my Ps3 will ALWAYS be horizontal.

mistertwoturbo4666d ago

amnesiac, that's strange how you point that out. i also have friends who supposedly went through at least PS2's, while my original "phat" PS2 is still running strong after 8 years. and it turns out they also had they'res vertical, while i always had mine's horizontal. well, that plus I cleaned it regularly and they'res looked like they throw it in the desert.

gamesR4fun4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

my 60 giger is always standing verticle works great for the usb access disk and catches wi/fi a bit better.

still not sure what the point of this post is has the article is freaking retarded.

"Okay, so we went back to the FCC filing mentioned in this earlier story, because we're nosey.

Along with photographs of the 40Gb PS3, which we are apparently not seeing in Europe (but which you can see here) we also saw its internal organs and some test photos. One of these shows 'Worst Case Position' for your PS3 (pictured right).

We're mildly confused as to why this is the worst case. The vents are clear and, in fact, if you use any of the other possible positions you're either not going to be able to get your Blu-ray disc and Sixaxis' chargers in (to the USB slots), or you are going to have the machine venting hot air straight into the table.

Then we realised that an FCC test was going to be for emissions... radio frequency emissions! So we're a little more relaxed."

wth are they trying to say?

DiLeCtioN4666d ago

if i bought a white PS3 ill want to know how to keep it clean etc

gamesR4fun4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

for the record not saying its a bad post just that I dont follow the article.... sorry for the bad wording.
So their saying emission wise its better standing or vertical? And thats emissions has in wi/fi signal? Input or output???

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