GCHQ pleased with Tom Clancy campaign


Phil Elliott of writes:

"An in-game advertising campaign run by Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) last year in two Tom Clancy videogames prompted a 500 per cent increase in activity on the related recruitment web site, it has been revealed.

The campaign, which featured billboards advertising careers at GCHQ in Ubisoft titles Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Rainbow Six: Vegas, ran for a month and was managed by TMP Worldwide, according to a report in Recruiter.

Kate Clemens, head of GCHQ's digital strategy at TMP, stated that she felt the campaign had been successful as a general profile-raising exercise, with traffic increasing from around 500-600 people per day visiting the "Careers in British Intelligence" site to between 4000 and 7000."

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StalkingSilence4666d ago

yeah but how can they directly attribute the 500% raise in website traffic to this year-long in-game advertisement campaign? that is, unless they didn't advertise anywhere else. it's good to see that people have realized video games can be used for other purposes and are hotspots for advertising - i just think it has maybe been given a little too much credit here.