GameZone Reviews Burnout Paradise - 9/10

Via GameZone:

"Burnout: Paradise is a great entry to the series, bringing it in a whole new direction while keeping what made the series so great to begin with. If you're at all a fan of racing games, then definitely give this one a look."

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mullet4659d ago

9.2/10 for PS3.
9/10 for 360.

That makes more than one source now that believes it looks better on PS3. I couldn't care less about custom soundtrack, I just want the better looking game, which is apparently the PS3 version. This is great for PS3 owners everywhere. Thank you Criterion.

Chad Warden4659d ago

Sorry 360 owners. Your version is inferior.

InYourMom4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

You guys are reaching here. Still both butthurt over that comparison that was done and gave the win to 360..

Just keep on reeeaaaachiiinnngg.. When Metacritic has enough scores up then we can argue.

EDIT: Actually, there is enough data at Metacritic.

Welcome to reality.. I know it's going to be a tough adjustment for the both of you.

mullet4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Over the fact that it looks better on PS3? LOL! That comparison you brought up already mentioned that. Their reasons for "giving the win" to the 360 version are reasons that no one cares about. Custom playlist? I favor graphics. People care about the better looking version and if they want it, they'll have to go with Burnout Paradise on PS3. Not 360. Don't cry it's okay. Everywhere I see you you're always crying. Get a life. A job. Maybe a girlfriend? You aren't in anyone's mom but your own, which is just sick.

Metacritics / Gamerankings = Broken. How many Xbox friendly sources does Microsoft need, really, to get the higher average?

Xbox Addict
Planet Xbox 360
X360 Magazine UK
MS Xbox World

See how sad you people are? This is how Rock Band has a higher average on 360 than it does on PS3. Both versions are identical, confirmed by POPULAR, KNOWN sources and yet your Xbox fanboy websites think differently by giving straight 10's, like the game is perfect LOL!

destroyah4659d ago

sorry but you just got owned badly lmao

HCS4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

a .2 increment and wrote by two different reviewers..................... .............................. . ....

keep on reaching............

the ps3 reviewer didnt even acknowledge the flaws the game has. bah

regardless it's worth buying on either system.

destroyah4659d ago

for a good 360 lineup in 08. there isn't one. it's all trash.

HCS4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )


Iron Man 24659d ago

It is believe it or not,all the good games are multiplatform and are also coming out for the PC or the PS3,have fun with the inferior versions of Burnout Paradise and DMC4,while us PS3 owners enjoy the AUTHENTIC versions of both games;)

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